Topic: Nvidia 196.75 Drivers pulled due to potential hardware damage.!  Nvidia 196.75 drivers pulled due to hardware damage!
Nvidia has released 197.13 WHQL drivers that resolves the fan-speed bug. 
As a reminder, we at do NOT include beta or testing drivers in our release DriverPacks.

Nvidia wrote:

NVIDIA is aware that some customers have reported fan speed issues after installing 196.75 drivers from NVIDIA's website. These drivers have been removed from NVIDIA's website due to these customer reports. We have also asked all partners to remove this driver. We recommend that all customers immediately discontinue the use of 196.75 drivers and roll back to their previous driver. Driver roll back help can be found here. For those that have experienced fan speed issues with 196.75 drivers, NVIDIA has setup this feedback site

This problem does NOT affect the current DriverPacks.  However, development of the Graphics nightly test packs has halted on the recent news from Nvidia.
I want to reassure our users that NONE of the current DriverPacks contain any of these faulty drivers from Nvidia.
However, if you have upgraded any of your systems to use the Nvidia 196.75 drivers for any GeForce/ION/Quadro platforms, please uninstall those drivers immediately and revert to an older driver for your respective hardware until an appropriate fix can be made.

Please make any replies to the Official Nvidia forum thread:
Or to this Nvidia feedback site