Topic: [REQ] How to Slipstream driverpack into Win7 ?

How do I slipstream the Win7 driver pack into my Win7 installation disk?
I tried to use WinIntegrator, but it ask for a inf file. Does that mean I need to extract all the driver packs, in order to get the inf files?
i believe there is another way to do this, but i am new to Win7.
I've used the driverpack base for my Winxp before. Will the driverpack base work for win7?

Re: [REQ] How to Slipstream driverpack into Win7 ?

The current version of DriverPacks BASE only works with nt5-based sources (2000/XP/2003).  We are working on developing a tool to integrate DriverPacks into nt6-based sources (Vista/Win7).
At the moment, only the dism-tool and WinIntegrator can integrate drivers, but the DriverPacks must be unpacked first.