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A month ago i had a bad surprise with my printer Canon: an error message Printhead error! Switch Off!

I switch off but when I switch on again I can't enter in the menu and so I can't neither change the Printhead; in practice I can only call the Service.

I have read too that  even if I would change the printhead the problem can stay and burn the new printhead too.

The plotter canon W6200 is already out of warranty and are years that I use only compatible ink cartridges, some of them recharged by me; I know that the service will cost me a lot of money and It wouldn't be advantageous given that the plotter is very old.

If it can help I reassume what appears on the display when I switch on: It appear Initializing and after 15 seconds CANON W6200PG then S:Ver.02.02.02 > E:Ver. 02.01 > CANON W6200PG Wait > Prepar. Print > PrintHead Error! Switch Off!!

I tried to switch off and on but nothing, I tried to take out the cartridge and the paper but nothing, I really don't know what to do to fix the plotter.

Does anyone know what I can do without calling the service?

Thank all for your help

Re: Printer error

According to me that you should call to printer technician.

Re: Printer error

I'm very sorry, we cannot help you with this problem. DriverPacks is dedicated to drivers and their integration into Windows XP.
We are not printer experts.

You should look at the Canon Forums and see what you can find there.

Good luck on finding an answer.