Topic: Vista Drivers For A Bytespeed S37S

I have a driver that is not working it is Creatix Dual 941 Hybrid Capture Device 1 i need help getting it to work

Re: Vista Drivers For A Bytespeed S37S

Hi Nykali, welcome to DriverPacks.

I think you can help us save some man-hours (or even only google-time) by providing a link to the driver download page.
We consider it as proper etiquette to do this when you have a REQuest, and we know it absolutely sure helps us help you when you have used DriverPacks and added the REQ and saw conflict. (in which case.. it is more like feedback.)
Either way, a link and more detail on the error saves us time.

Help us help you. You can get amazed.

The answer was 42?
Kind regards, Jaak.

Re: Vista Drivers For A Bytespeed S37S

I was really looking forward to the S37S reviews. ... Ah ok...i downloaded new drivers from laptopdrivers2go and they improved things...maybe not by ... My vista experience for graphics is 4.7, gaming graphics is 5.2.