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On November 3, I was contacted by my hosting provider. They were upgrading to a better datacenter (for better power management). This transfer (as in, physical transfer!) required about one hour of down time. I was contacted because they were asking for my permission. I of course agreed.
I had planned to make a news post here, to announce it.

I forgot.

That is what you get when you're working 13-14 hours per day (for the 6th week in a row now) sad University is to blame for my lack of sleep, but I'm still to blame for forgetting to announce this.
Please accept my apologies!

So, why was the web site not accessible for several hours (I think about 7 hours in hindsight)? Because the administrators of the new data center had badly configured the port mapping, thereby causing the web site to be inaccessible during that time.

Datacenter moves of course only occur very rarely. So expect this to be the first (since we're on the new host) and last major downtime for years to come.

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no problemo, bro!

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Wim Leers, no problem! smile