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1. Releases

When you post a new topic for a new or updated 3rd Party DriverPack, do it according to this rule:

"[REL] DriverPack xyz" where 'xyz' is the name of your DriverPack, 'y' is the current year (i.e. '6' for '2006') and 'mm' is the current month (i.e. '08' for August, '12' for December). Only post DriverPacks for the wnt5_x86-32 platform in this forum.


DriverPack xyz

[u r l=]Download[/u r l]
[u r l=]Changelog[/u r l]
MD5 : <MD5 hash> (You can use HashTab to find it![/url])
Compressed size: n.nn MB
Decompressed size: o.oo MB
Rootdirectory: D\X (where 'X' is preferably the first letter of 'xyz', if already taken, the first AND the second, if already taken...)
Contributors: John Doe, Homer Simpson, Queen Elizabeth and George W. Bush (these are fictional names, please replace by your own wink)

(entries in italics are optional)

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