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This link hopefully will help you track down or identify the vendors of drivers you can't find.

(although Linux based the info could help you track down the actual Windows driver).

or example say my driver  gives me the following info


looking in the data base at the given site
I get 1217 O2 Micro, Inc
clicking on 1217 for dev 7120 i get 7120 Integrated MMC/SD Controller



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Nice database!

Could come in quite handy, hence stickied smile

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windows update catalog site has changed.
You had a hotlink to a much easier view (one could hit a letter in alphabet and see all manufactors in it..) and I cannot find that link.

The answer was 42?
Kind regards, Jaak.

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If I had that, I posted it on the forum and don't have it in my head anymore...

Did you try running a search for that in conjunction with my name already?
Because I really can't think of where I may have posted it. hmm

(I guess it was in DPMS subforum or similar)

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I ran search.. WU catalog site has apparently changed.. for the worse.

The answer was 42?
Kind regards, Jaak.

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As I wrote before

Found this project Craig's PCI Diagnostic software. Looks very useful. Especially the txt database - PCI, AGP, PCI-X & PCIe Vendors, Devices and Subsystems identification file.

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Craig's PCI Diagnostic software link is broken.

This proggy has served me well over the years, works on 7 too, although the device id's are getting a little long in the tooth.
the latest pcidevs.txt & usbdevs.txt (different format though) are available in the at
Looks like this proggy will replace UKD for me.  xxxdevs.BAT automates the HWinfo collection process, including DMI data? cool

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