Topic: DriverPacks BASE 6.05

New (repeated from 6.05 CP)
-[GUI] new: GUI!
-[slipstreamer] new: full support for Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003
-[slipstreamer] new: QuickStream Cache
-[slipstreamer] new: several new KTD options
-[slipstreamer] new: unattended slipstreaming
-... and much more

Fixes (bug ID's from bugtracker)
- 0000039: [slipstreamer] TXTSETUP.SIF: Invalid entries in [DiskSpaceRequirements] (BashratTheSneaky)
- 0000040: [GUI] When Finishing Method ="custom" in settings file, this setting isn't imported (BashratTheSneaky)
- 0000030: [slipstreamer] Critical Error! - No suitable slipstream module found (BashratTheSneaky)
- 0000036: [slipstreamer] MsDosInitiated line created in WINNT.SIF regardless of if it already exists. (BashratTheSneaky)
- 0000031: [slipstreamer] makePNF.exe shows during first boot (BashratTheSneaky)
- 0000038: [slipstreamer] DPs_fnsh.cmd: agrep -s -ci "*PNPB02F" %T% line produces error. (BashratTheSneaky)
- 0000033: [slipstreamer] M1+RunOnceEx:: Missing files, missing directories. (BashratTheSneaky)
- 0000032: [slipstreamer] KTD enabled: drivers directory deleted (BashratTheSneaky)
- 0000026: [GUI] M1+RunOnceEx: if no $OEM$ dir exists, then it won't be created and as a result RunOnceEx won't work (BashratTheSneaky)
- 0000029: [slipstreamer] M2+RunOnceEx: if no $OEM$ dir exists, then it won't be created and as a result RunOnceEx won't work (BashratTheSneaky)
- 0000028: [GUI] when RunOnceEx as Finishing Method, but no RunOnceEx Settings set: AutoIt Error (BashratTheSneaky)
- 0000022: [slipstreamer] multiboot, M2: DPs_fnsh.cmd not working properly (BashratTheSneaky)
- 0000024: [slipstreamer] invalid & incomplete DP MassStorage text mode entries in txtsetup.sif (BashratTheSneaky)
- [slipstreamer] API mode: immediate crash

Known issues
-[GUI] When doing the following sequence: UpdateChecker -> Overview -> UpdateChecker, there's a GUI bug
-[slipstreamer] DriverPack MassStorage text mode doesn't work properly when using Windows 2000 (NTLDR missing error)
-[slipstreamer] multiboot support is not yet operational

-Documentation in DriverPacks BASE 6.05! Just use it as-is now. It's all pretty self-explanatory...
-You have to rename the DriverPacks! An example: "DriverPack_Graphics_A_V603.7z" must be renamed to "DP_Graphics_A_wnt5_x86-32_603.7z". If you download any DriverPack now, they will already have the correct names.
-You should slipstream the new DriverPacks in a fresh source!
-This version may still contain bugs, but it shouldn't be many!


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