Topic: Intel DQ965GF Chipset & Marvell 61xx Marvell RAID Controller

Well done Intel.

The Ven ID for this chipset is
PCI\VEN_11AB&DEV_6101&SUBSYS_610111AB&REV_B1\4&AB208E&0&00E1: Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller

The Ven ID for the Marvell 61xx Raid controller is
PCI\VEN_11AB&DEV_6101&SUBSYS_610111AB&REV_B1\4&AB208E&0&00E1: Marvell 61xx Marvell RAID Controller

This itself is not a huge problem, the mainboard will work correctly. Our latest systems however have a SH-S182D dual layer DVD/RW-DVD Ram drive, which will not burn anything if Plug 'n Pray picks up the Marvell driver as the best match for the hardware. My workaround for this was to remove the Marvell driver from the driverpack, as we don't have any mobos on site with this RAID controller.

Are we the only users with this combination of hardware?
Edit: Hardware vendor is blaming driverpacks, which IMO are not the problem

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Re: Intel DQ965GF Chipset & Marvell 61xx Marvell RAID Controller

The Class ID's for RAID, AHCI and for IDE are different:
CC_0101 - IDE
CC_0104 - RAID
CC_0106 - AHCI.

So, Ven ID's for Marvell are:
PCI\VEN_11AB&DEV_6101&SUBSYS_610111AB&CC_0104 - RAID
PCI\VEN_11AB&DEV_6101&SUBSYS_610111AB&CC_0101 - IDE

Re: Intel DQ965GF Chipset & Marvell 61xx Marvell RAID Controller

The ID's in the first post were lifted from Bâshrat the Sneaky's save_hwids batch file, and from the DPsFnshr.log file on the machine.
When building the machines, Windows always picks up the IDE controller as Marvell 61xx RAID controller. This stops Windows from burning CD's/DVD's.
Can you point me to where I can find the detail which includes the CC_0104 or CC_0101 entry?

Re: Intel DQ965GF Chipset & Marvell 61xx Marvell RAID Controller

the marvell drivers do not have that detail in the driver, which makes them somewhat "generic" ???
They also do NOT have subsys information, which makes them more than "somewhat" generic.

But, the CC_010* entries do show in other driver INFs, and driver's INF have details on AHCI or RAID.

in the past, I have removed generic INTEL HWID from an adaptec card driver which had specifics for the adaptec.
In this Marvel case, they are all generic.
Your solution works, and I doubt we can do little to fix it.

what you could perhaps also do is this.
If the intel is newer, edit the INTEL driver for this (adding specific HWID to it so it wins).
If it is older, I am afraid a newer generic will win.

The answer was 42?
Kind regards, Jaak.