Topic: Can't un-install or re-install Soundblaster Audigy

Computer:   Dell Dimension 3000, Pentium 4 CPU, 3.00Ghz, 1GB of RAM
OS: Windows XP Home Edition ver 2002, Server Pack 2
Hard Drive:  Seagate Barracuda ST380011
Sound Card:  Sound Audigy2 Platinum-ex

The Audigy sound card seems to be working (in other words, it plays audio files fed to it), but Soundfont Bank Manager, Creative Media Source and the other software utilities stopped working.  When I try to open Soundfont Bank Manager, for example, I get the Windows error message:
"SFBM MFC Application has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience." The message also provides a button I can click on to "Send Error Report to Microsoft". 

Since I write and record music, those utilities are very much needed.

Course of action I've taken so far:
--  I have tried un-installing all Soundblaster software using [Control Panel - Add or Remove Programs].  Unfortunately, I get an error message:  "An installation support file could not be installed.  The system cannot find the file specified." 
-- I have tried re-installing all Soundblaster software, and on other occasions the drivers only, from the original CD, but the install fails every time at the point it's 95% installed and "updating Windows drivers". It just sits on that screen, never completing the job. 
-- I have tried installing updated drivers I downloaded from Creative's website.  The same thing happens... the computer hangs and the drivers never get installed.
-- For what it's worth, the computer came with a SoundMax soundcard integrated into the motherboard.  After disabling and un-installing it, I tried the above steps again with the same results.

Can someone offer any words of wisdom to solve this problem?  Thanks in advance for any help.

Re: Can't un-install or re-install Soundblaster Audigy

Hi Randall,
welcome to DriverPacks.

I assume you used the driverpacks to install the machine.
Question 1,  DID you use the driverpacks to integrate drivers to your home SP2?

Q 2,  if you did, can you post HWIDs list (tool is in my signature) and the finisher log (found in 'windows' folder)

The answer was 42?
Kind regards, Jaak.

Re: Can't un-install or re-install Soundblaster Audigy

Well, this is a shot in the dark.  I've much less hardware experience than some of the others around here - but my next course of action (if I had the same issue) would be to uninstall the drivers (software - anything else that came with it), power off and remove the card entirely, and cycle the machine - turn it on and log in only to then turn it off again.  Then reinstall the card and power back up to reinstall the drivers/software.

I've had this work with printers and wireless cards before when something just refuses to work.  It's worth a try. smile  Of course don't ignore jtdoom's questions - that is probably a more productive area of discussion.


Re: Can't un-install or re-install Soundblaster Audigy

I don't mind helping in other than DriverPacks forum on such questions.
but, we are not a general help forum.

Tiger, a DMI reseat, always good.
and Tiger, it is JAAK.

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The answer was 42?
Kind regards, Jaak.

Re: Can't un-install or re-install Soundblaster Audigy

OK, that was cryptic.

DMI or destop management interface is what hardware detection uses.
what happens when you uninstall, power off, reboot, shut, then pug it in same slot again?

who knows.
what happens if you uninstall, power off, reboot, shut, then pug it in another SLOT?
DMI forces a redo in the CMOS where BIOS stores detected hardware.

what will often work, and is recommended anyway.
set BIOS to allow NVRAM to YES
refresh aka RESET BIOS configuration to ON

and these, dear gentlebeings, will set themselves to NO after a reboot.
Comment, BIOS /CMOS does not automatically reset if card is not moved. but if you allow it, it will look once.

The answer was 42?
Kind regards, Jaak.