Topic: Mass Storage, LAN, Sound A and WLAN updated.

Dear Gentlebeings,
I want to thank several people telling us about their insights.

Your feedback about some errors I had made during these last few updates on Mass Storage DriverPack was more than welcome.
BAMB4M and Echo_Platoon helped when they reported their findings.
Stiertje's machine triggered yet another Silicon Image clash, and his report made me look for duplicates again.
With these latest fixes in MassStorage (and the work previously done in Chipsets), I hope that we finally see the end of these critical errors. Duplicates could halt setup if your machine has one of those chip variants.
Reini.M and Fragbert and others who were looking at testversions ought to be thanked as well.

Meanwhile, Muiz had been kept waiting for the release of WLAN.
I knew this was going to take several hours of work on the supported device list.
Well, the new drivers and updates couldn't wait any longer, and I am glad that I got that list done today.
Muiz's update for Sound_A and some work I had put in LAN was also released.

Enjoy, and do not shoot the pianist.

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The answer was 42?
Kind regards, Jaak.