Topic: DriverPacks updated to 7.05

Bâshrat the Sneaky gave main team permission to PUBLISH new packs, and here are the first few.
Chipsets, Graphics_B, LAN, Mass_storage, Sound_A and Sound_B are currently on the server.

WLAN and Graphics_A are still in testing.

A heartfelt THANKS for the feedback during troubleshooting mass storage.
We all learned.
The reason it took so long to publish these six packs should now be gone.
Updates and urgent bug-fixes can now be posted by a team member who worked on the fixing.

I had a LOT of respect for Bâshrat the Sneaky, and now I have even more.
I just learned how much time it takes to update changelog files and the supported devices lists.
I also learned how easily one can make a mistake while doing that, and I made them..
'Ahem', I had caused an error wich caused The Update Checker to ask "where did you get that?" on all published packs, but this is fixed now.

Anyway, enjoy the work of Muiz3, Fragbert, Overflow, JSe, BigBrit, Cirederf, Debugger and others whom gave most valuable feedback during the tests of these packs.

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The answer was 42?
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Re: DriverPacks updated to 7.05

update Checker is fixed.

One of the tools I used to update the changelogs (and I was the person who used them, sigh) must have added a hidden character at the start of two files. When I noticed this in a superior editor, I started wondering. Overflow watched my back while we fixed it.
(Both of us had backed up the files, just in case.)

Base 705 is also up, and I bet you'll love it.

The answer was 42?
Kind regards, Jaak.

Re: DriverPacks updated to 7.05

Well done, DriverPacks Team!!!

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