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Lenovo laptop G580

ACPI\VPC2004\0 … C16WW1.exe

I do not know how to get out the driver other that installing and copy them from "%PROGRAMFILES%\Lenovo\Energy Management"

I hope that I save someone 10 min of their time.

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That is an older driver than what is contained in DP_Chipset.
  Does that not work for you?


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missed that it was included

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IIRC, that version of the driver was in the official Chipset release, a year ago.
Does the driver within DP_Chipset in the folder ..\L\ interfere with the package you linked, cheche?

It does seem likely that the newer driver in DP_Chipset could remain after installation of that package you linked.

I obtained that from  It might work with your notebook, yet it may cause issues.  It does appear to be simply an updated version to include support for newer models.
If it does work, and you dare to try it (at your own risk, of course), the utility could be included for installation utilizing DPs_Fnshr.

There was an even newer driver withing DP_Misc, yet it was removed as it was WHQL'ed for 7_x64 and the PE Header of the executable indicated 64bit as well.  It's probably still in the official 3rd-party DP_Misc.  I was down for a while a year and a half ago because i made the mistake of installing an unrelated 64bit driver on my 32bit windows main machine.  It was a fabulous disaster, and i was unable to recover that install.

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somehow, this driver was not pick it up. I have not longer the machine to test it, so I can not tell you what was the problem.
You can close this thread I guess.

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Why close it?  This is not yet resolved.
We may not be the only people to wonder about this.
  It is a good topic.  It should be moved to Chipset though.  Done.

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idk if i can help u. this is my only backup driver for a lenovo i met a mth ago.
backed up using double driver. if u need a copy pm me.
original copy of driver downloaded from im nt wrong) on 12/10/13.

Lenovo V470 nt6 x64 inf

Signature="$Windows NT$"


%*vpc2004.DeviceDesc% = ACPIVPC_Inst,ACPI\vpc2004

send me a pm if u need the driver