Topic: Driver on Windows 7 Installation CD

How do i add the drivers from driverpacks into my Windows 7 media ?
I extracted everything to a folder, but the DPBase doesnt recognize my Windows 7 Folder as a valid folder, and all drivers as valid.
Only on Windows Xp that works.
Whats the easyest way to do that ?

Re: Driver on Windows 7 Installation CD

DriverPacks BASE is only for older Windows (2000, XP, 2003).  For newer Windows you need to use DISM (built-in tool).
Here's a post on how to do it manually.

More info:

I wrote some simple scripts to take care of it all.  They can be found here:

If you want a tool that can hold your hand for the entire process, then check out WinToolkit over at the Wincert forums.
We don't directly support their tool though.