Topic: Waiting for Windows 8.1

Maclean's magazine had an article about Microsoft in their May 6th printed periodical.
In this article they indicated that MS is quietly working on an official option adding the formerly familiar desktop, start button and all.

Here's hoping that is true.  With any luck they will call it "SP1 - Blue".

   Windows 8 - part duex  --> … ch-up-job/

Michael Liedtke wrote:

... "more details about Blue will be released before Microsoft holds a developers conference in San Francisco in late June."

Despite seemingly selling hundreds of millions of licenses, W3C shows adoption to be less than 5% of the total market including smartphones.  This is less popular than Windows Vista.  This comes supposedly during a boom of sales of smartphones and tablet computers, that is mostly sans MS product. … p;month=04

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