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I did mention earlier that Intel had posted Intel Network Adapter Driver18_1 CD on their web site and here the DriverPacks were subsequently updated to include these new drivers.

The drivers for XP w/SP3 and XP Pro x64 w/SP2 worked on my #1 system when I did an update using the Intel 18_1 CD download. But, the next day when I booted in to either XP I could not go online - got a big red-x across the Network Activity Symbol in the task bar - had to roll the drivers back - both XPs then got online ok.

Have no idea what the problem is - figured I'd mention it here so others are not surprised if they use the updated DriverPack to install XP and are then wondering why they cannot get online (assuming the problem occurs for others).

Will try to find the appropriate place on the Intel web site to mention the problem.

Re: Intel 18_1 failed

Thank you Chief for the report.  I will roll-back drivers to those from 18_0_1_CD as fast as humanely possible.

The intel files differing from DP_LAN_wnt5_x86-32_1303r3 are:

I\ANSM2KXP.INF, ANSP2KXP.INF,, ianswxp.sys (WHQL'ed for NT5.1, NT5.2),, e1c5132.inf, e1c5132.sys, e1cmsg.dll (WHQL'ed for NT5.1, NT5.2),
and I\RIS\

Ncs2Setp.dll - ???  (not listed by that filename in any Security Catalog file)

I\PE\readme-10Gb.txt,, are WHQL'ed for NT6.0 & NT6.1 (Server2008) - ???

If on the outside chance a TPM is in use, check to see if the following HWID is utilized:

edit:  updated in DP_LAN_wnt5_x86-32_1303r5

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Re: Intel 18_1 failed

Great quick fix.

Fraser Valley, BC - was in you area years ago - drove from Anchorage to Vancouver then on to Maine - military kept me travelling.