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Introducing ...

DP_Biometric_wnt5_x86-32_1308272 - Changelog:

(based upon DP_Misc_wnt5_x86-32_1201)

For any DriverPack-Biometric NT5-related issue:
- start a new Topic @

Known Issues:
    - Some Biometric drivers conflict with DP_Webcam_wnt5_x86-32

-A\ AuthenTec FingerLoc Sensor Module (Anchor)  {DriverVer=03/13/2002,5.0.2015.0}
-A\1\ AuthenTec TruePrint AES1610/1660/2501B/2550/2660/2665/2810  {DriverVer=08/01/2011,}
-At\ Athena ASEDrive KB Fingerprint Reader  {DriverVer=03/10/2010,}
-B\ Biometrika Fx2000/Fx3000/HiScan and Multi-USB  {DriverVer=03/05/2010,}
-BV\ BioVision LiveScanner LV121/BV121 Fingerprint Live Scanner  {DriverVer=04/05/2002,}
-C\ Cogent Systems Inc. Image Scanners  {DriverVer=08/10/2012,}
    Cogent Palmprint Scanner-Firewire  {DriverVer=05/05/2011,}
-D\ DERMALOG Fingerprint Scanner ZF1/F1/ZF2  {DriverVer=02/23/2010, 3.8.1008.0}
-DP\ DigitalPersona Firefly/U.are.U® 4000(B) FPR  {DriverVer=01/25/2007,}
-DP\1\ DigitalPersona U.are.U® 2500/4000(B)/4500 FPR  {DriverVer=10/08/2008,}
-DP\2\ DigitalPersona U.are.U® 4000(B)/4500 FPR  {DriverVer=02/24/2010,}
-E\ EgisTec-Corp ES603/801/803 Fingerprint Reader  {DriverVer=06/02/2011,}
-F\ Futronic Tech. USB Fingerprint Scanner  {DriverVer=01/01/2010,}
-G\ Green Bit S.p.A. DactyScan84  {DriverVer=04/11/2007,}
    Green Bit S.p.A. FPS/Visascan/etc.  {DriverVer=07/10/2010,}
-H\ Hongda HdS500E USB Scanner  {DriverVer=09/06/2007,6.0.6000}
    Hongda HdS680E USB Scanner  {DriverVer=08/15/2008,}
    Hongda HdS700 USB Scanner  {DriverVer=03/20/2009,}
-I\ Identix/L-1 Identity Solutions DFR2080 FDU02/FDU01 USB DFR's  {DriverVer=11/02/2005,}
    Identix DFR-200/DFR-300/DFR-400 USB DFR {DriverVer=09/15/2003,}
    Identix/L-1 Identity Solutions USB DFR's (WDF based)  {DriverVer=09/21/2010,}
    Integrated Biometrics Watson/Sherlock/Columbo/Holmes Scanners  {DriverVer=11/30/2011,}
    Integrated Biometrics USB-FP Fingerprint Sensor  {DriverVer=06/03/2009,}
-id\ id3 Semi Certis Fingerprint reader {DriverVer=10/09/2003}
     id3 Semi Biokiloader {DriverVer=01/24/2003}
     id3 Semi Certis II Fingerprint reader {DriverVer=31/08/2006}
-IG\ IrisGuard AD100  {DriverVer=11/02/2005,}
-It\ IriTech Inc. IriShield M21 Iris Device  {DriverVer=10/16/2012,6.1.7600.16385}
     InTech SOP1 USB2 Fingerprint Reader  {DriverVer=15/02/2007,}
-K\ Koehlke (G-Spy) Fingerprint USB Bulk Board  {DriverVer=01/12/2010,1.10.0000}
-L\ Lumidigm USB Biometric Sensor (Analog Devices)  {DriverVer=04/21/2009,6.1.7000.0}
    Lumidigm USB Streaming Fingerprint Readers  {DriverVer=10/08/2010,}
-N\ NITGEN FDU01A/FDU01B/FDU03/FDU04/FDU06/FDU13 USB FRD  {DriverVer=02/21/2011,}
    NITGEN&COMPANY FDU05/FDU07 USB FRD  {DriverVer=09/05/2011,}
    NITGEN&COMPANY FDU11/14/06M/06S USB FRD  {DriverVer=01/20/2011,}
          - Archived invalid Security Catalogs
    NITGEN MFDU03 USB FRD  {DriverVer=03/30/2006,}
    NITGEN HFDU08 USB FRD  {DriverVer=11/29/2012,}
          - Archived invalid Security Catalog
-S\ Suprema RealScan G series {DriverVer=10/11/2011,1.1.1011.1}
    Suprema BioMini series/Cypress EZ-USB FX2LP {DriverVer=03/08/2012,}
-SG\ SecuGen FDU02 & FDU01 USB FRD  {DriverVer=03/29/2004,}
     SecuGen FDU04 USB mega FRD  {DriverVer=11/10/2008,}
     SecuGen FDU03 & SDU03M USB FRD  {DriverVer=04/30/2009,}
-ST\ STMicroelectronics USB ST92163/ADT60 BioSIMKey/AET60 BioCARDKey  {DriverVer=12/31/2008,}
-T\ TST Group BiRD-III USB and TST BiRD-4 USB  {DriverVer=04/17/2007,}
-U\ (tcusb2k.inf) UPEK TouchChip Fingerprint Reader (Win2k)  {DriverVer=02/07/2008,}
-UC\ UnionCommunity FOH02 USB  {DriverVer=03/27/2009,}
     UnionCommunity FOH02RF USB  {DriverVer=03/27/2009,}
     UnionCommunity FOH02SB USB  {DriverVer=03/27/2009,}
     UnionCommunity FOH02SC USB  {DriverVer=03/27/2009,}
     UnionCommunity FPR02V30 USB  {DriverVer=05/06/2009,}
-V\ Validity Sensor (VFS451)  {DriverVer=06/13/2012,}
    Validity Sensor (VFS471)  {DriverVer=07/19/2012,}
    Validity Sensor (VFS491)  {DriverVer=07/19/2012,}
    Validity Sensor (PID=0010)  {DriverVer=06/13/2012,}
    Validity Sensor (PID=0011)  {DriverVer=06/13/2012,}
    Validity Sensor (PID=0018)  {DriverVer=06/13/2012,}
    Validity Sensor (VFS351)  {DriverVer=01/26/2009,}
    Validity Sensor (VFS421)  {DriverVer=05/27/2009,}
    Validity Sensor (VFS471 Unprovisioned)  {DriverVer=07/19/2012,}
    Validity Sensor (VFS491 Unprovisioned)  {DriverVer=07/19/2012,}
          based on … W5_ZPE.exe
-VI\ VistaEY2H Camera  {DriverVer=05/26/2011,}
     VistaEY2P Camera  {DriverVer=07/17/2012,}
     VistaFA2 Camera  {DriverVer=12/21/2011,}
     VistA Imaging VistaFa2 USB Camera  {DriverVer=12/13/2010,6.1.7600.16385}
     VistA Imaging VistaEY2 USB Camera  {DriverVer=06/14/2011,}
     VistA Imaging VistaMT Camera  {DriverVer=11/22/2010,6.1.7600.16385}
-Z\ ZKSbio USB Module Ver 1.0  {DriverVer = 06/08/2007,}
    ZK3300_C5515/ZK7500 Fingerprint Reader  {DriverVer = 04/08/2011,}
    SR100/ZK4000/ZK6000/ZK7000 Fingerprint Reader  {DriverVer=03/28/2007, 301.4.328.07}

-U\ (TCusb_v1.9.2.0204.7z) AuthenTec-UPEK TC Fingerprint Authentication {DriverVer=08/26/2012,}
           - thanks to Ra for reporting the issue installing FPS

Imported to DP_Biometric_wnt5_x86-32\D\3\BIO\ from DP_Misc_wnt5_x86-32_1301b3:
-A\, U\ AuthenTec & UPEK Fingerprint Scanners
-V\ Validity Sensors

-A\ (ATSwpWDF.inf) AuthenTec TruePrint FPS AES1610A/2501/2501A to {DriverVer=05/19/2010,}
    AuthenTec TruePrint AES3400/AES3500/AES4000 to {DriverVer=11/02/2007,}
-B\ Biometrika Fx2000/Fx3000/HiScan and Multi-USB to {DriverVer=07/18/2012,}
-N\ NITGEN FDU01A/FDU01B/FDU03/FDU04/FDU06/FDU13 USB FRD  {DriverVer=08/20/2012,}
    NITGEN FDU06M/FDU06S/FDU11/FDU14 USB FRD to {DriverVer=07/04/2012,}
           - Archived invalid Security Catalogs
-SG\ SecuGen FDU03/SDU03M/SDU03P USB FRD to {DriverVer=06/07/2012,}
     SecuGen FDU04/SDU04P USB FRD to {DriverVer=08/30/2012,}
-U\ (tcusb.inf) UPEK TouchChip Fingerprint Reader  {DriverVer=08/19/2011,}
-VI\ VistA Imaging VistaFa2 USB Camera to {DriverVer=04/30/2012,6.1.7600.16385}
-Z\ ZKFPReader.inf & zksensor.inf  (jun2012updated .Inf's)

DP_Biometric_wnt5_x86-32_1308272.7z - 15.3 MB   ea4aafe3d6e63edd84eb3289551e3c78e949e2a4
DP_Biometric_wnt5_x86-32_1308272.CRC     big_smile

- For the latest nightly, see the end of this topic.
- Use Mitja Perko's CDCheck (free for personal use - business 30day trial) or similar to verify sha1 crc values.

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added Athena ASEDrive KB Fingerprint Reader.


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Is it possible to add the ThinkPad FingerPrint drivers (they are UPEC with different software). I have to uninstall the UPEC drivers / software after driverpacks otherwise. … D=DS029964

The Windows 7 versions are … D=DS029766 … D=DS029769

Re: [Nightlies] DP_Biometric_wnt5_x86-32_1304-1403 - Public

The driver included in lenovo's Fingerprint software is an older driver.
{DriverVer=08/26/2012,} vs {DriverVer=08/19/2011,}
In that driver Class=Biometric.  In the updated driver, Class=Authentication Devices.

Note that i received the driver for Upek devices from AuthenTec
   here --> … ivers.aspx

Also note that AuthenTec/UPEK has been acquired.  Some models are listed on DigitalPersona's web page. … ip-Family/

AuthenTec/UPEK wrote:

"Support for the TouchChip and Eikon product line is now available from DigitalPersona’s Support Team."
   Quoted from:

I would roll back the driver, yet older versions might be insecure.

Does Authentec's "Common Protector Suite" work with your lenovo?  If so, get it while you still can. … Suite.aspx

AuthenTec wrote:

"Release Date:    11/22/2012
Build:         "

I note that lenovo's version supporting XP is dated Sept27th, 2012

Upon further investigation, "Common Protector Suite" uses the driver from 2011 too!
What a load!  see here --> … d-p/978529

Rolling back driver version, and archiving the new one.

Give this lil ute from GitHub to see how (in)secure you are if you feel adventurous!
You might find that you want completely different software to handle these functions.

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Re: [Nightlies] DP_Biometric_wnt5_x86-32_1304-1403 - Public

...updated in first post

...also note that i've removed the old version of UPEK's utility for BartPE.

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Updated AuthenTec TruePrint AES1610/1660/2501B/2550/2660/2665/2810  {DriverVer=08/01/2011,}
  (Class=Biometric) in AU2 to prevent "Code 39" & Yellow Bang!
    The included wdfcoinstaller01009.dll was for MachineType=64 only.

DP_Biometric_wnt5_x86-32_1308151.7z - 11.6 MB   5019c4f233db89fd358e662cb7f7bebe5d0cd5a8     big_smile

edit: link removed - latest nightly near last post of this topic

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Re: [Nightlies] DP_Biometric_wnt5_x86-32_1304-1403 - Public

AuthenTec TruePrint AES1610/1660/2501B/2550/2660/2665/2810  {DriverVer=08/01/2011,}
is working now.     smile

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DP_Biometric_wnt5_x86-32_1403281.7z - 15.33 MB   42CE98DB8534B86A539CCEE10F17514F68728D09

Recommended for post-Windows Setup utilizing SAD3.
  Probably no need to integrate via DPs_BASE.