Topic: DriverHeaven Mod Tool v4 released!

Fort anyone who cares as well as for Bâshrat the Sneaky (because I know he's using it to create the Mobility-compatible drivers wink), after quite a long time, a new version of the ATi Mobility Modder has been released.

In a glimpse, it allows you to use the default ATi CATALYST drivers on virtually any notebook (eg for the Mobility Radeon cards).
This is a pretty good think because ATi's own Mobility driver only works on a handful of NB models and NB manufaturers ususally only have a year old drivers for DL sad

Get the good right here:

Discussion is going on here (, so in case you card is not supported yet (most are, but you never know...), make sure you drop by!

Re: DriverHeaven Mod Tool v4 released!

I'm already using it, but I've added support for several not supported cards myself. I've contacted Patje a long time ago about it, but he seems to keep on forgetting to add them.

The Mobility driver is broken in the last version of DriverPack Graphics B because of a type by me, not because of the Mobility Modder. Note that I don't reapply the Mobility Modder each time!

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Re: DriverHeaven Mod Tool v4 released!

Hehe, maybe he added some of them this time.
Dunno whether he either forgot or was just busy since it took him quite a while to release this new version.

Anyhow, I'm aware of the problems with the Mobility driver, hence people in immediate need could use this tool to get it (hopefully) to work in the meantime.

Also, it was very clear to me you didn't apply them each time, that sounds like a waste wink
Obviously, only a new driver version would require reapplying and even then you could re-use the old INF file if nothing serious changed.

Was mearely meant as a heads-up, not trying to force you to anything big_smile