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According to reports all over the web, Windows 8 has gone final-code and in manufacturing.
Several sources report a leaked version is available (posting links is against forum rules).

I for one do NOT like the "Metro" interface.  I want my standard desktop please!

At $39 for (Vista/Win7) upgrade prices, or $15 upgrade for purchases of new hardware, who's planning on upgrading?


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Agree - Metro is not for me either. Been using Classic Shell v3.5.1 on Release Preview version presetly undergoing testing on my #2 system. Also using EasyBCD in multi-boot setup.

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Good news for Metro'phobes everywhere!  It's no longer called 'Metro'. … name_dead/

"Oz sysadmin says Windows 8 not ready for business
Crashes, authentication problems, Metro weirdness, make Win 8 "unworkable"
By Kieran Cummings" … ws_8_test/ sad

Activation has seen some major changes, BTW. … vation_30/

I could care less about the new activation procedures, yet the OEM licensing terms restrict a user from reusing their license should their 'licensed machine' go 'titsup'.  It's not legal to port Win7 or Win8 OEM licenses to a replacement machine.  In this far-from-unlikely scenario, you are required to purchase a new license (or machine with license).

For me, the OEM restrictions are enough to either advise purchasing only Retail licenses, or to migrate to linux.

Windows 8 may end up being the least-pirated version of Wind'ohs since Windows 2.  EOL.

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Keyboard shortcuts! : … tcuts.aspx
I love how they refer to them as "legacy desktop" and "modern desktop".

TechDud wrote:

Windows 8 may end up being the least-pirated version of Wind'ohs since Windows 2.  EOL.

That won't be because of their DRM but because nobody wants crappy Win8. wink

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Likely a boon for most touch-enabled x86 portable battery-wise, though.  '8'-compatible drivers may be at times limited for the average consumer, especially for "legacy" Input &/or USB hardware.  yikes  '8' may yet even catch-up versus linux in terms of thermal output at idle  on the same machine using the same number of cores ('a la' BSG - non-networked).

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mr_smartepants wrote:

"At $39 for (Vista/Win7) upgrade prices"

Sorry, missed that.  How does one upgrade to Win7 for $39.00?  Is that Retail or OEM (patooey! tongue) ?

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