Topic: Automated Bunch of Scripts for Integrating DriverPacks into Win7 Setup

I have created a bunch of scripts as exe that can unpack driverpacks, and integrate the unpacked drivers into windows 7 setup. It can also integrate windows updates.
I have uploaded a video of tutorial how to use dism tool i have mentioned in previous post and what precautions shoud be taken @

Video Tutorial

Note : Video Tutorial is based on the old extracted DP structure (i.e. DP versions 11.* and below).

The new tool also offers to integrate windows updates into Win 7 Setup.
Here is the download link for the tool :

Download newdism7.2.exe (Supports both old and new extracted structure of DriverPacks)

Download newdism7.1.exe (Supports the new extracted structure of DriverPacks)

Note : Currently x86=32bit support only.
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