Topic: [BUG] IDT Winxp Driver for Dell n5110 fails (code 10)


Already this include in Drivers Pack ( Folder Name - Ir\sthda.inf ) But Not Support.

stacsv.exe error

This Device cannot start. (code 10) error

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Re: [BUG] IDT Winxp Driver for Dell n5110 fails (code 10)

It's not a request (renaming title...) if the drivers are already included.
Please tell us what is causing the problem.  Include setup*.ini sections and DPsFnshr.log.
Simply telling us "it doesn't work" doesn't help.

Does this older driver work?

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Re: [BUG] IDT Winxp Driver for Dell n5110 fails (code 10)

Force Update but Not working

This device canot start code 10

Re: [BUG] IDT Winxp Driver for Dell n5110 fails (code 10)

I note that the driver included in DriverPacks_Sound_B_wnt5_x86_1111 is bit-identical to the recommended dell driver.
There are a pair of files included without reference in the Security Catalog nor the .Inf file.
  These are AESTCom.dll & DellHDM9.bld.
The Integrated Device Tech. (of San Jose, CA) reference is to a "92HD87B1".
If you look at the Product Change Notification, there is a chance it was fabbed in Hillsboro, Oregon (IDT Fab4); either that or through TSMC by and after September 30, 2011.  The datasheet listed would most likely be for the newer device.

"This notification is to advise our customers that IDT will be transitioning the 92HD79/80/81/87/88 to the RA revision
manufactured in TSMC, as IDT Fab 4 (Hillsboro, Oregon) is closing..  The RA revision also adds a high pass filter feature.
There will be a change in ordering part number, internal device revision ID and device top mark as a result of this change." … 110629.pdf

dell inspiron R14 (n5110) specs --> … &s=bpi

Note: ubuntu may not be helpful in diagnosing a hardware issue directly, yet some of the bug report may be of interest.
  Reference --> … bug/914290

Cefn (6-launchpad-net-cefn-com) wrote:

"- The speaker (and the headphone, too) output often requires the
  external amplifier. This can be set usually via EAPD verb or a
  certain GPIO.
- IDT codecs may have extra power-enable/disable controls on each
  analog pin. See patch_sigmatel.c.
- Very rare but some devices don't accept the pin-detection verb until
  triggered. Issuing GET_PIN_SENSE verb (0xf09) may result in the
  codec-communication stall. Some examples are found in

"I was able to tell that the headphone switch is at least not broken, as I noticed in alsamixer that I can cause the Speaker volume to toggle from 100% to MM (mute) by pushing in and out the headphone."

"None of the model values works for Dell N5110, but I'm looking into this on the alsa-devel list."

There may be some interesting things in the 92HDM5-9.INI file, referenced in DellHDM9.bld, sthda.ini, & sthda.inf for the linux guys, should they read this.

Do headphones work?  Can I assume the sound works well in Windows 7? hmm
Any luck with their older recommended driver in XP? … 2731121566
Or one of these drivers for a inspiron 15 Intel (N5050) --> … Code=False
The HWID you supplied exists within that driver.  You should not have to "force" it, only extract it & tell windows where to search.

From looking at the Windows 7 driver, it is installed with STWRT.inf.  stwrt.ini references W92HDM59.INI.  Therefore, dell has supplied you a driver that can only work in Windows 7, if i have this correct.  The revision ID referenced by the aforementioned PCN may be the key to verifying this theory.  If so, we may have two incompatible devices with the same HWID.

Then again, i see that dell has two listings for that product.  The lower one links to a newer driver for 7.  Neither claim any XP compatibility. … Code=False
The inspiron M5110 appears to be compatible with that XP driver (in R315254), which is included in R305242.

There is possibly more than one HDAUDIO device in your laptop.  The IDT device is SRS-Audio compatible.
Please post the output from the "HWID's tool" linked below.

Edit:  A similar HWID list exists here --> … -drop.html

nitrobg wrote:

Hardware ID: HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_111D&DEV_76D1&SUBSYS_102804B0&REV_1002

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Re: [BUG] IDT Winxp Driver for Dell n5110 fails (code 10)

After further reading, it would appear that this is possibly an OEM/IDT bug.
The only resolution in XP may be to revert to the MS HDAUDIO driver if applicable.
This may either preexist or be available through Windows Update.
There exists the possibility that this might not be an optimal solution.

Michael Marley wrote:

"The Microsoft drivers don't support some special outputs, for example the S/PDIF output on my Vostro 1500.  Also, the Microsoft driver fails to properly detect combined Mic/Line In jacks and detects them only as Line In jacks.  This makes microphones not work right." … ntry136105

raduque wrote:

"Most people say to dump the IDT driver completely to get better sound" … pears.html

MichaelMarley wrote:

"SigmaTel and IDT have never been very good at supporting their audio devices with drivers.  They depend on the system integrators (Dell, HP, etc.) to customize and package these drivers for each individual system.  However, usually only one or two updates for the driver get released before the system is completely abandoned."

For now, your only official options to have functional audio might be Windows 7.
  If you have an OEM license for that model, it is likely the activation is not portable to a replacement machine.
Mr. Marley (above) has SigmaTel/IDT Unified-package modded drivers that could include your model.  If not, you may be able to request that.
If nothing else works and XP is a must, either a custom driver, or a different make &/or model of laptop may be your only options.

Edit:  Another possibility is that you have other drivers, etc. that are killing your system latency.  Use the "D-P-C Driver Latency Tester" to double-check system latency before & after disabling the main Wireless, Network, and Audio devices one-by-one.  It is normal for latency to spike once in a while, especially using Explorer, etc.  A lowly P4-2M s775 averages 17us with an Absolute Maximum of 135us.  If you have readings in excess of that, you may have bigger issues.

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Re: [BUG] IDT Winxp Driver for Dell n5110 fails (code 10)

Perhaps you may find a functional XP driver from lenovo, as Pouria had in this topic you had started years ago.