Topic: Windows 7 64 bit Cmedia 6501

Hey,i downloaded DriverPack Audio 11.11 for Windows Vista/7 (x64) and i dont know how to install these files,no sutupreg,some help pls,and cant find working driver for cmdia 6501 windows 7 64bit, i have MB asus m2n-sli

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No need to double post.  I deleted your other post for you.
Read the stickies in the Win7 section here:
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Re: Windows 7 64 bit Cmedia 6501

i readed all,but dont inderstand what program and how to install these driver files,can you explain me ?

Re: Windows 7 64 bit Cmedia 6501 … dows-7.htm

Or, if you want to use our supported tool, then use SAD2.
Download: … -111118.7z
Extract the SAD2 utility using 7zip to your C:\ drive.  Read the "readme.txt" inside for detailed instructions.
Put the compressed DriverPacks Audio .7z file into the SAD2\NT6\x64\ folder.
Doubleclick the DP_Install_Tool.cmd file and press enter at the prompt.