Topic: Beware the hazards of Button or Coin Cells

Just a brief note to spread the word on this problem that few may be aware of.

Ingestion of these small batteries like the ones commonly used in motherboards, laptops, etc. have cause the deaths of at least 13 children from 1985-2009. 

"From 1985-2009, 56,535 disk battery ingestions were reported to the National Poison Data System.
From 2000-2009, 92% of disk batteries from fatal ingestions or those with major outcomes were 20-mm lithium cells. Most were imprint code CR 2032 (71%) or CR 2025 (21%)"

The incidents & frequency are growing due to the proliferation of electronic toys, video-games & other devices utilizing these larger lithium coin cells.  Not only are they larger & easier to lodge in the esophagus, they supply double the voltage & hold a reservoir of far more current when new; so they represent a greater risk of harm than the earlier-generation Button Cell.  It is not actually the voltage (potential) nor the current (kinetic) that is directly responsible, yet it is the production of Sodium Hydroxide (a strong alkali) from electrochemical action.

"Injury can continue after endoscopic battery removal for days to weeks due to residual alkali or weakened tissues."

"Children younger than 6 years account for 61% of ingestions, with a peak incidence in those aged 1 and 3 years. All fatalities from 1985-2009 and 85% of cases with major outcomes occurred in children who were younger than 4 years old and were often nonverbal.

A second peak is observed in adults older than 60 years, with 10.3% of cases occurring in patients aged 60-89 years. Elderly patients are more likely to have batteries lodged in the small or large bowels. Patients older than 79 years account for only 4.6% of ingestions; in 31% of those cases, the battery lodges in the bowels." … view#a0199

  The problem has garnered the attention of the American Congress and Canadian Parliament, & hopefully they will act soon. … 754278.jpg

Please take care when storing these small batteries.

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