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I just received a new computer and i tried to install its lan driver via the DP_Lan 11.01 and the lan card did not work.
Its PNP device instance id was : PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8168&SUBSYS_84321043&REV_06.
I checked the realtek driver in the drive pack (folder R4-version 5.770) and indeed it did not contain an entry for this card (There was a generic entry for the DEV_8168 but the driver did not work).

I checked the realtek site and found a version of the driver(version 5.786), i used it and it worked.
The url to the driver is: … Down=false

I think you should include this driver in your next DriverPack.

P.S i was not sure how to add a link the proper way so i posted the url as text. (how do you post a link?)

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Don't worry, we're well aware of the Realtek updates.  No need to post a link.

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Sorry this took so long.  Will be implemented in DriverPack LAN 11.08b

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1) In DP 1111 (R4 folder) version DriverVer = 06/13/2011,5.788.0613.2011
but have newest version DriverVer = 08/24/2011,5.790.0824.2011

2) and J folder DriverVer = 08/04/2011,
but new version is DriverVer = 11/17/2011,

3) And newest version Intel 16.7 CD - in I folder 16.6

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Worked on Windows 8.1 Pro

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Those are on the list of things to do for the next release.  I didn't have time to implement them in 11.11.

Those will be in for testing for 11.12 or 12.01 release.

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I have these updates in DriverPack LAN 12.01 (in work)

- I\ Intel from 16.8.1 CD (1/20/2012)
- J\ JMicron JMC25x/JMC26x NDIS 5.x MINIPORT DriverVer = 11/17/2011,
- M\ Marvell Yukon Ethernet Controller to 01/20/2012,
- R4\ Realtek 10/100/1000 PCI-E NIC Family NDIS XP DriverVer = 12/08/2011,5.792.1208.2011