Topic: Switched to Windows 7...from Ubuntu

Now, I'm not trying to spark any sort of debate to the (dis)advantages of using Linux but I'm curious: has anyone else switched from their favorite flavor of Linux to Windows 7?

After using Ubuntu Linux for almost a decade, I became tired of the ridiculous need for computer fixes and once Ubuntu 11 was released, the removal of my favorite UI. I had switched to Ubuntu after I became sick of the "plainness" of Windows XP (don't get me wrong, I kinda LOVE XP but not for my home PC). I became a bit of an MS-loather in that time period but after playing for Windows 7, I've come to become fond of Microsoft once again.

It seems that they really did an amazing job with Windows 7 (and quite the massive improvement from XP!).

PROUD Windows 7 User...and HAPPY too. smile ( I may be a n00b HERE but I'm not a n00b... wink ) Thank you, you guys have saved me HUNDREDS of times already. smile