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Hi Guys,

I'm working to create my own windows 7 sp1 with updates and other stuff. I've read alot, but the only things that is missing is DriversPack.

I've already got the drivers i want. MassStorage, Chipset, Lan - both for X64 and X86.

The files looks the same as it was on old XP days, (like folder structure).

I've already used sometools to integrate IE9, and post updates. The onlything left is driverspack.

I'm will also create an AIO DVD with x86/x64 Editions.

Are there anytools to handle the driverspack current format on install.wim and boot.wim ? Since i didn't found the base software for it. How should i point the current compressed file, or uncompressed to be read and integrated into my image.

Also, should i update the boot.wim for both version and merge it on the single setup ?

Thx for this help.

Re: Windows 7 SP1 - DriversPack Help

I've just figured out in one experience that i could add all drivers from driverspack in extracted way to the image with dism and the software provided by WinCert - Windows Tool Customization.

will this work as expected ??? Any Advice !?

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Yes, it will work, though it's not recommended unless you swap parts often.  When you add drivers to the install.wim image using DISM, they're permanently added to the hidden C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore directory.  If you add all the DriverPacks, that directory could balloon in size over 5 GB for hardware you don't have.  That's a waste of space if you ask me. 
I personally only add DriverPack Chipset, dpms and DriverPack LAN to my images.  I have a separate SAD disc I use for post install which doesn't clutter your driverstore folder.

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Hi ...

I've been looking for SAD disk for Windows 7 x86 and x64. But the previous topic, just point to a link that is not valid anymore.

Would you mind to share you script for SAD and Windows 7 ?


Re: Windows 7 SP1 - DriversPack Help

Link is in this post: … 590#p41590
Current version v110312 downloads just fine.