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I have the latest driver pack "DP_LAN_wnt5_x86-32_1011.7z" and I' trying to get a Intel  82577LC Gigabit NIC working on HP 6450b on a bartPE.

I believe the driver pack includes the latest Intel NICs but I still can not get the NIC to be recognized.

Thanks to all.

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Can you post your HWIDs?  I'm not sure your post belongs here if you're using BartPE.
BTW, DriverPack LAN 10.11.1 is the latest. wink

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Adjust or replace driver .inf file.

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Ven ID for Intel 82577LC


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Tried the updated version DriverPack LAN 10.11.1 BartPE boots and looks like it see the NIC but never completely finish installing the Intel 82577LC. Browsing the web I see others seem to have issues getting this NIC to work too. Does anyone have a foolproof steps to get this to work with BartPE?


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I have some certain problem with my motherboard i have old PC and Intel dual core 945 GCL, i  am doing some work from home at surfessay where i use some heavy software for my wiring and the problem is when i run any heavy software it automatically reinstall  my PC , i want to know any good solution should i replace my mother board or what should i do.