Topic: Sigmatel - IDT high definition audio codec - XP - Request

Would it be possible for these drives to be added?
The sound card from a Dell Dimension E520


Dell driver … eid=165080

The drivers that get installed by default can be found in
#   match : HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_8384&DEV_7618

# - folder: D/S/I
# - folder: D/S/I10
# - folder: D/S/I7

Looks like IDT have listed the hwid as there own?

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Re: Sigmatel - IDT high definition audio codec - XP - Request

Sure, but there's no guarantee they'll work with those newer drivers in there.

Nope, the drivers you linked are 3 yrs older than the ones in DriverPack Sound B and will not install even if I add them to the pack.  Also the older drivers contain less than half the HWIDs of the current DriverPack Sound B \I\ folder, and would be a significant downgrade if implemented.
If the current DriverPack Sound B doesn't work for you, then your only option would be for you to manually remove the \I\ folder and replace it with your older drivers.

Re: Sigmatel - IDT high definition audio codec - XP - Request

Thanks for looking into it, I'm beginning to begrudge sound drivers, i rarely if ever get any problems with any other sort of hardware.

Re: Sigmatel - IDT high definition audio codec - XP - Request


Just for reference I had this one bite me in the rear with Media Center 2005, fully patched, on a Dell DV051.

The way I worked around it was to download the Dell softpaq R132395 (

and install it AFTER uninstalling the existing drivers. It isn't enough to simply slipstream the INFs, you need the service applications as well.

The issue is that SigmaTel was bought out by IDT and particularly with MCE there's an OS hotfix issue meaning that if you try and apply IDT branded drivers they don't work properly so you must revert back to the older ones, and as it happens this softpaq does seem to be the most stable one.