Topic: ATI - v-Sync - windows 7?

ATI - v-Sync - windows 7?
How do i disable V-Sync on Windows 7?

I have tried multiple times to download and install That Catalyst Centre program, but it never works.

I have an ATI Radeon HD 4870

Re: ATI - v-Sync - windows 7?

Wrong forum.  This has nothing to do with WLAN.  I'll move it the the correct place.
I've been deleting your signatures in all your posts.  Overt advertising is not allowed.

If you do a fresh install of Win7, then install the chipset drivers for your system and then the current ATI catalyst package and it still doesn't work, then report it on the ATI support forums.
Not a DriverPacks issue (since you didn't even specify what DriverPacks version you tried.)