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Sir, i also request you to make a separate driver pack for linux. It will be a dream-come-true for the huge linux community and linux users. Dont worry about getting contributers/volunteers for this project since you know that linux is a community based OS which is developed by the people through their active interest and contribution. I assure that this project will be a huge hit as the present one with the contribution and support from many active linux communities. Just start this project by giving a link on the homepage and it will be on its track. Hope you start it soon. Thank You

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make the same request 10 times, insult the developers 100 times.

back off.

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Already requested & denied here:
Do NOT duplicate this post again!  7 times is 6 times too many.
Do it again and you'll be banned.

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I just removed four of you posts and closed one (because there had been an answer that explained to you quite clearly why "no" is the answer).
Do not open any more topics about this same issue or you can consider yourself gone.

Real-Life™ tips:
If you want folks to do you a favour, make sure not to annoy them by repeatedly asking again and again.
That will only slim your chances towards zero...