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Hello! I'm new in the forum and I'm new in sysprepping, too.

I would like to deploy Windows XP SP3 with the Windows Deployment Services (Windows Server 2008). Therefor I use "Sysprep" to image the different Operating Systems to *.wim files (imaged are more than 10 different configured XP's). To include as much drivers as I found and this article:
If I understand the article correct, I have to include all drivers in every image BEFORE I do the sysprep... So if there are some new drivers I'll have to sysprep every single image again with the included new drivers...... Is that correct? Is it possible to do a sysprep without including the drivers directly "on the sysprepped machine" so that I only have to update the drivers on the Windows Deployment Server (e.g. in the $OEM$ directory of each image) and every image automatically gets the latest drivers during the remote installation?

Thanks for your help.

Re: Use DriverPacks without including them while Sysprep - MS WDS


THe drivers get installed after you sysprep and the scripts delete the files that are not used, but you need to have a huge driver directory in all off your images, I wanted to just add in Lan Drivers and run a script to pull the drivers off a nas located on my campus network.

I use this method here on campus for over 10,000 computers and it's about a %99 working smile