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Hi all

Sorry for my crapy english but i'm french and all people know that frenchys are really bad with languages. It's a shame but it's the truth ...

I'll try to explain my problem and i hope it's the good place for posting my message.

I have a P5B DELUXE mainboard and WIN XP PRO SP3

Since my purchase two years ago all are well.

But one day when I turned on my PC, the keyboard has not been recognized. It works with DOS but Windows puts in error.

The system informations said : ACPI\PNP0303\4&14C67D85&0 CODE ERROR 39

I tried installing new drivers (many drivers and many times), but it changes nothing.

I have buy a new PS2 keyboard and the prob is same.
I have buy a new USB keyboard and the prob is same.

I tried to do a repair with the CD WIN XP but this does not solve the problem.

I'm not a power user, just a "simple user" and I can not find the solution.

I hope you can help me...

Thks a lot.

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Wow, I initially thought your ps2 port was shot, but if two new keyboards don't work, or with USB port either, It might be another OS component that's corrupted.
Did you try reinstalling XP with DriverPacks?

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Hi mr_smartepants

I also thought at first that the PS2 was broken, that's why I bought 2 new keyboard, 1 PS2 and 1 USB...

I don't have yet try to install the DriverPacks because I don't know which download

I'm really novice

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Your problem seems to be windows as you said it is working ok under DOS.

Make a fresh windows install and it should be ok.

Je suis aussi francophone mais comme le forum est anglophone je te répond en anglais afin que les autres utilisateurs puissent suivre.


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you can try ubuntu live cd (linux) to verify that your keyboard (you don't need install, juste boot from cdn choose (français) and (essayer ubuntu sans rien installer)

si ça marche au pire des cas reformate et installe XP de nouveau

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Hello woody22

Yes, I also think that by making a completely new installation it will work. But I would use this method as a last option because it's a very long work and I don't have enough space on my HDD for saving my data.


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Any other ID ? sad

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I agree with abdou.  Use a linux live CD.  It doesn't use any space on your hard drive at all.