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i have juste a question,drivers pack for windows Vista/Seven can be the same like for windows 2000/XP.

I installed windows 7 on some machines and vista drivers work on it so I understand that drivers will be developed for vista and seven in the ??

thanks !!

Re: just a simple question

I have an ATI/AMD video card and a Creative sound card; motherboard has built in RealTek audio.

ATI posts drivers as Vista and Win7 in their name.

Creative does not, or, at least, has not so far; so I would be careful.

RealTek has separate drivers for Win7 though 32 bit and 64 bit are together in the same download.

Re: just a simple question

some of driver can be used in Windows 7, But its not safe to install it. Nobody give guarantee for it. As previous user said Sound drivers and other graphics driver can be use. But For Lan, USB and for many drivers you have to download or purchase cd from somewhere.