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I'm beginning to think that Microsoft and IBM are still at odds. Here's my system rundown before I start:

AMD T-Bird 1GHZ at 1.2
Gigabyte GA-7IXEH
768MB PC-133 Micron
GeForce MX-200 32MB
Sound Blaster Live Value
D-Link DFE-503+ PCI NIC
POS LT WinModem (in case DSL goes down)
Sony 52X CD-ROM
Acer 8x4x32x CDRW (don't laugh, it still works after two years)
2 - IBM 40GB Deskstar's

Now, under the current configuration, I can successfully install Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, RedHat 6.2, Redhat 7.1 and 7.2, mandrake 8, and a few other Linux distro's. However I cannot install Windows XP. Period. On the first reboot of the system I get a BSOD:


If I clock back the system to 1GHz, everything is fine. So I got to tinkering and installed XP on a Western Digital 20GB drive. Boom. No problem at 1.2GHz. Not a one. Installs and runs fine. As soon as I even try to overclock the board by even the smallest amount, raising the bus from 100 to 101, then boom. BSOD. The only way to run Windows XP on an IBM drive is to clock the system at 100, yet on any other drive I can run it at 120.

Has anyone else experienced any issues with XP and IBM drives?

Not that I'm a fan of these drives to begin with. One died two months out of the box. It took IBM THREE months to ge the RMA to me. I always bought Western Digital drives simply because they were always reliable and when you RMA one, you can get an advanced replacement. I got the IBM drives because of reviews I've read and from the talk with people I know. Now, I regret the decision and will buy a Western Digital the next time.

Re: Windows XP and IBM

Gollimari wrote:

Has anyone else experienced any issues with XP and IBM drives?


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Re: Windows XP and IBM

IBM recommends Windows XP Professional for their refurbished computers. Most of the personal computers (they also sell refurbished servers) are, in fact, running XP Professional, though a handful are running Vista.

Why is IBM the lone wolf?

A cynic might say that since most of their refurbs are running Windows XP, it's marketing. Or perhaps the web page in question simply hasn't been updated in over a year. IBM has no love for Microsoft, so maybe it's just a cheap shot.