Topic: Shifting efforts to WinPE

I have been decided to shift my efforts to making sweet universal images for Win7, however this is pretty much the same setup as Vista so.....
Have people tried injecting all the vista lan driver pack into WinPE using

peimg /inf:<source path>\*.inf <destination path>\windows

Here is some code that apparently recursively searches for the inf files.

set Drivers=% 1
set DestFolder=c:\winpe_x86
pushd %Drivers%
for /f %%i in ('dir /s /b *.inf') do (
peimg /inf:%%i %DestFolder%\mount\windows
if ERRORLEVEL 1 echo %%i>>%Drivers%\bad_driver.txt

I have not tried it but it looks like i could point it towards the extracted pack and inject it into a mounted wim file. Apply the changes and away i go.