Topic: Problems with downloads

Anyone having problems downloading files.

Get to 99% and getting "Server reset" errors.

Win7 64 7077

Happens with Firefox and IE8

Re: Problems with downloads

Windows 7 has a habit of timing out on larger downloads especially if CDC or hash checking is done at the end.
I have been at 99% of a driverpack download and get an error "Server not responding".
Seems as if Win 7 has the timeout set lower than XP. The link below allows the timeout to be set at whatever you want.
Default is 32, I set mine to 240 and downloaded Sound B 906b3 without a problem, could not do that previously.

And yes, it's free and works with XP thru 7


p.s. Allows a lot of other tweaks as well

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Re: Problems with downloads

The timeout issue is with ESET in my case. It looks as if EST virus checks the file before committing it to the hard drive and that is the cause of the problem.

Windows 7 does have a shorter timeout than XP.

Re: Problems with downloads

Of Course dear. Window 7 has a shorter timeout then Windows XP. It is because of reduced files in Windows 7.