Topic: Dell vostro 1400 with Intel SATA AHCI


Posting the solution I found for my Dell Vostro 1400 with Intel SATA ACHI...

I used NLITE to slipstream sp3, ie7 and the Mass Storage drivers but I couldn't get it to detect my Hard drive (booting from original SP2 or the new slipstreamed CD into the Recovery Console).

When I downloaded the "floppy version" of the latest Intel SATA AHCI drivers, extracted the inf/sys and other files and added them to the NLITE Driver section it worked fine. … rdMap=2800

Perhaps not all of the Intel SATA AHCI laptop mass storage drivers are in the DriverPack?

Re: Dell vostro 1400 with Intel SATA AHCI

No they are not, same problem here they are missing mine too