Topic: Anybody able to help me ditch vista?

Hi all,

I have been trying for the past month now to get rid of Vista off my pc as i just cant grow to it, finally after lots of hunting the net and reinstalling vista getting good at it now lol) i came across driverpacks.
Heres the problem I have a Packard Bell Istart B2214 160gb hdd, 3gb Ram, intel celeron dual core processor, have managed to locate all the drivers from your website and following the instructions to slipstream but keep hitting a major wall of when it goes to slip-stream it starts and then gives me a critical error Failed to CAB Compress .... Mass Storage Text, have tried deleting out the QSC and tried again, same message also i have tried unchecking this box and starting a fresh but to no avail.
Could anybody please help me I am getting to the point of breaking and giving it flying lessons as i just cant get on with Vista hardly any programs are compatible and just keeps asking permission for everything, would love to put XP on it.

Many Thanks in advanced


Re: Anybody able to help me ditch vista?

Welcome to DriverPacks.
Read the tutorial in my signature.
Start with fresh XP source, select Method-2 with NO KTD!.  Method 1 is outdated and takes forever.

Re: Anybody able to help me ditch vista?

I cant express how happy and delighted I am, Thank You ever so much for your help I now have XP working properly on my PC perfectly Thank you again for your help.

Re: Anybody able to help me ditch vista?

Glad to be of service! big_smile
Feel free to stop by any time.

Re: Anybody able to help me ditch vista?

After selecting the drivers I want to extract I get this window.  Is this normal?  Can I hide it?

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