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To start, thanks for Vista-Tool.

I finally got it to run after realizing that I needed to run it with elevated privileges, and the basic problem is that when I build my ISO, it's too big to fit one DVD. Here's a rundown of what I think someone might want to know to help me.

Vista Ultimate SP1 x64 + all Windows updates
WAIK - Latest version (as of last week)
NO spaces in my path to VT!
Hotfixes folder - .cab files in VistaSP1x64_WinUpdate_Pack_v903.2 from RyanVM forums @

I did not include any drivers in the update.

I mounted the image, then I selected "Integrate Hotfix" (Integrate 1, Install 1), selected Unmount-Commit, and clicked Start. (No I did not select "Burn ISO" - I used PowerISO to do that after).

After I clicked Start, it seemed to go through it's paces, one update pak at a time and then it completed with no apparent errors.

I don't think I left out any details, but let me know if I missed something.

Any ideas as to how I can make it smaller to fit on a DVD? Did I miss something? Did I do something wrong?

Also, is there any way to make the DOS windows stay open? I assume that there are no errors, but I would like to be able to see.


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Re: Did I Miss Something? - ISO image size

So what you're saying is that I have to burn it to a DL DVD? Are there any issues booting from DL DVDs (not something I know much ab)


Re: Did I Miss Something? - ISO image size

It's more to it than that, please re-read.