Re: [REQ] 64bit support - No... Not for NT5 based platforms

Actually some drivers for Windows XP x64 can be found in the available driverpacks.

I tricked DriverPack Solution into thinking that I'm running Windows XP X64 so it could discover X64 drivers on Windows XP. It turned out that if I were to install Windows XP X64 on that PC, I would had have drivers for all devices for exception Radeon X1600, Marvell LAN, Nokia 5800, ATK0110.


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Re: [REQ] 64bit support - No... Not for NT5 based platforms

And there you have it Meow. It's already supported, and there is an app to install them.


Thanks BadPointer!
Yeah that makes sense... many drivers that we include are 64bit compatable... this is very obvious if you look at the details on the download pages... The thing of it is, Meow doesn't want us to help nor to help us ... he's just a troll big_smile. We don't take the time to help that type... It's OK if you want to though big_smile.

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