Topic: [SOLVED] Driverpacks and MCE 2005

Hey guys.

For a while now I've been including all Driverpacks into the MCE 2005 installatons, and it seems to be going fine.

Just a couple of questions though, if they are stupid I apologise in advance.

1) Are the Driverpacks designed to work with MCE 2005 or only what it says it supports.
2) If the answer is no to Question 1, are there MCE Driverpacks available?

Thanks smile

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Re: [SOLVED] Driverpacks and MCE 2005


Media Center Edition is XP pro with addons, so XP drivers work in that.
It is as simple as that.

The answer was 42?
Kind regards, Jaak.

Re: [SOLVED] Driverpacks and MCE 2005

cool, I thought as much. just wanted some clarification smile

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