Topic: Mass drivers Support for Text Setup , (method 1) and method 2 for rest

What am I trying to do?
Enable the Mass Storage drivers for Mode 1 so that XP Setup detects them.

Use the rest of the driver packs in Method 2.
I initially tried to apply all drivers like an idiot to mode 1 & obviously that didn't work.


Is the best recommended way to do this to run the DPacks Base twice?
Once integrating the Mass Storage in method 1

and 2nd applying the rest of the driver packs SANS mass storage in mode 2?

I'm not at home to try this today -----

FYI, I've been using the Dpacks for about a year now w/o problems.  However, recently, I've had to work on some Dell XPS's and the SATA drivers (NVRaid.sys) apparently aren't on the mobo like my PE420 is. 

Right now I'm getting the stop error 07B (which I would have though would have been the INVALID_BOOT_DEVICE) but it's not.

So, currently, my only thoughts are to try method 1 for mass storage and see if that fixes the issues with these damn XPS boxes.

Obviously, I'm open to any and all suggestions..........

TIA for any replies,

Re: Mass drivers Support for Text Setup , (method 1) and method 2 for rest

Ehm, the text mode MassStorage drivers always get slipstreamed the same way. It SHOULD have worked. And this is the wrong forum by the way, moving it to feedback & support.

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Re: Mass drivers Support for Text Setup , (method 1) and method 2 for rest

Well, I just ran a test on the XPS 710.

I had ALL driver packs sans CPU driver pack integrated via Method 2.

Test 1:
#1.  (Start w/ OEM XP Pro)
#2.  RVMIntegrate PostSP2 only.  No ohter addons.
#3.  Run Driver Packs on RVM integrated source ---- applying all latest driver packs minus the CPU Pack via Method 2.
No 3rd party packs.

Stop Error 07B during text setup.

Test 2:
#1. Start w/ OEM XP Pro
#2. RVMIntegrate Post SP2 only.  No other addons
#3. Run Driver Pack Mass Storage only via Method 1.  No other driver packs selected.
***Selecting all driver packs via method 1 results in the warning about too long of a OemPnpDriversPath
#4.  Succeeded at the point test 1 failed (text setup: Starting windows)

I didn't go any further.

One thing I screwed up on is I don't have my integrated folders from Test #1, but I should be able to recreate them.

My question at this point:

Can I integrate the other driverpacks in my test 2 setup via method 2? (leaving out Mass Storage)?

PS.  The OEM disc I used was from about a year ago --- XPS had a Dell REstore CD only---not an OEM XP Disc.

Re: Mass drivers Support for Text Setup , (method 1) and method 2 for rest

Then you have a problematic mass storage device. Please report this in detail in the DP MassStorage forum. Post your HWIDs and the exact product name, so we can help you further.

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