Topic: DriverPacks BASE 6.06.1

-cmdlines.txt: "DPs_ROE.cmd" entry will now be inserted as the first entry.


Fixed (bug ID's from bugtracker)
- 0000067: [slipstreamer] Windows 2000: when KB888111 is slipstreamed: hdaudres.dll entry is corrupted or missing (BashratTheSneaky)
- 0000065: [slipstreamer] M1, only DP M text mode: Critical Error: "Could not extract bin\finish.7z to $OEM$\$1" (BashratTheSneaky)
- 0000068: [slipstreamer] Windows 2000: QL2100.sys is deleted (BashratTheSneaky)
- 0000069: [slipstreamer] Files without extension crash (BashratTheSneaky)
- 0000066: [slipstreamer] DPS_fnsh.cmd: missing a "(" in the cleanup section (BashratTheSneaky)
- 0000064: [GUI] [OptionalSettingsOther] allways ATI_cpl = "CCC" (BashratTheSneaky)
- 0000061: [slipstreamer] ATI CCC/CCP selection: settings saved but not imported (BashratTheSneaky)
- 0000060: [GUI] "Next" button on QuickStream Cache page doesn't go anywhere (BashratTheSneaky)
- various small bugs

Known issues
-[GUI] When doing the following sequence: UpdateChecker -> Overview -> UpdateChecker, there's a GUI bug
-[slipstreamer] DriverPack MassStorage text mode doesn't work properly when using Windows 2000 (NTLDR missing error)
-[slipstreamer] multiboot support is not yet operational

-Documentation later! Just use it as-is now. It's all pretty self-explanatory...
-You have to rename the DriverPacks! An example: "DriverPack_Graphics_A_V603.7z" must be renamed to "DP_Graphics_A_wnt5_x86-32_603.7z". If you download any DriverPack now, they will already have the correct names.
-You should slipstream the new DriverPacks in a fresh source!
-This version may still contain bugs, but it should be VERY FEW!


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