Topic: Only you can prevent wildfire smoke inhalation!

Looking for wildfire smoke forecast maps for USA, if you can point the way please.
  Europe &/or Asia would be cool too if anybody can help.

North+Western Canada & Eastern Washington State seem to have been busy this year.
  The hardest hit seems to have been Yellowknife & the Great Slave Lake area.

   Wildfire Smoke Forecast Maps:  (based upon Terra satellite MODIS data)
Eastern Canada & Northern Continental US -
Western Canada & Northern Continental US -

Title:  "Wildfire Smoke: A Guide for Public Health Officials"
   (That publication is a goldmine of information!)

Learn who sensitive groups are.  It may save somebody's life.

Re: Only you can prevent wildfire smoke inhalation!

Quote:  "What goes up, must come down" - "Blood, Sweat & Tears"

Quote:  "Greenland's 'dark snow' climate threat worse than thought
Soot and ash from burning coal, wood and dung speed melting of polar ice" … -1.2776628
2 million hectares burnt in the arctic versus one million in an average year (paraphrased from article)

also see Ontological's "Cesium Sky" series, especially ISS photos.

(These are not necessarily the views of and are here for educational purposes only.)

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Re: Only you can prevent wildfire smoke inhalation!

Saw my first pink sky in the morning a couple of days ago.  What is a sailor to do then, take warning of shipmates???  Could part of the color changes be due to Cesium's decay to Barium?  137Cs has a 30-year half-life, and here we are, about 30 years since Tschernobyl.

Quote:  "“A series of qualitative chemical tests and deductions now confirm without doubt the presence of significant amounts of barium within atmospheric samples…."
"Citizens with sufficient environmental concern are encouraged to begin this process of sample collection and identification, along with the documentation of the responses of both public and private environmental services."

Reasonable people don't let other people, including their Canadian neighbors, breathe or otherwise internalize uranium hexafluoride &/or hydrofluoric acid, in my humble opinion. … -45778-USA … much-more/

Quote:  "It reports only 49 percent of the 26,025 Hanford claims have been approved under the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program, established by Congress to support sickened nuclear workers with medical expenses and compensate them for job-related illnesses." … rkers.html … dwater.pdf
It is astonishing to see how much that fund has paid out thusfar.

Of course, our shared "nukular" problems are not limited to N/A. … hreat.html

Even Cuba has abandoned one. … ed-us-all/

Title:  "Why Are The US & Russia Blocking European Nuclear Safety Upgrades?" ... "to be put in place after the Fukushima Daiichi disaster"
Quote:  "Currently the US has avoided mandating any substantial safety upgrades post Fukushima"

What has all this to do with wildfire, you might ax?  That is because counterintuitively, what falls down could eventually go up with wildfire.