Topic: [REQ] LAN7500 usb ethernet … 1.15.0.exe

please include this on next release thanks.

microchip has quite a lot of other ethernet, might as well add them in … ernet.html

dell is selling this, and its pxe capable. … =470-13498

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Re: [REQ] LAN7500 usb ethernet

added "[REQ]" to the title.
  Note this and other SMSC drivers are included in the NT5 [Nightly] packs and will be included or updated in upcoming NT6 [Nightly] packs.

Thank you for linking to the download page @ Microchip Technologies (formerly Arizona Microchip Technologies).
  No wonder i couldn't find those drivers on SMSC's web page!  Microchip appears to have that IP now.  I wonder when they acquired that.