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Introducing this third-party pack to contain USB & Firewire Sound drivers only.     smile

DP_Sound_USB-FireWire_wnt5_x86-32_1403031.7z - 40.02 MB   16952b450423f0188eaa9d25736572cf4b113802

edit:  updated below

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Re: [Nightlies] DP_Sound_USB-Firewire_wnt5_x86-32_1403-1406 - Public

Updated with remaining Creative Labs and M-audio drivers.  Also rearranged Creative drivers for a cleaner looking tree. 

DP_Sound_USB-FireWire_wnt5_x86-32_1406021 - Cumulative Changelog:

Use SAD3 to install drivers from this "3rd party" DriverPack.

For any DriverPack-Sound NT5-related issue:
- start new Topic @

Known Issues:
 - Windows 2000 SP4 Extended Support by MS ended July 2010 (network connection probably ill-advised)
 - Windows XP SP2 Extended Support by MS ended July 2011
 - Windows XP SP3 (incl. TabletPC & MCE - except Embedded) Extended Support by MS ended April 2014
       OEM's may offer other support
     Small Business (except for Embedded) see:
 - Windows 2003 R2/SP2 Extended Support by Microsoft generally ends July 14, 2015

 - NT5-64bit drivers might be included by necessity, but are not supported by DriverPacks

-AS\0\ (ASUSE3.INF) ASUS Xonar Essence3 USB2.0 Audio Device  {DriverVer=08/27/2013,}
       (ASUSSTU.INF) ASUS Xonar Essence STU USB2.0 Audio Device  {DriverVer=12/10/2012,}
       (ASUSU7.inf) ASUS Xonar U7 Audio Device  {DriverVer=05/02/2013,}
       (CM1121.INF/XonarU3.INF) ASUS Xonar U1/U3 Audio Device  {DriverVer=03/04/2011,}
-Cr\u\0\ (SBWMusb.inf) Creative Sound Blaster Wireless Music  {DriverVer= 07/15/2003,1.00.03}
-Cr\u\0\Win2k\ (Sbext.inf) Creative SB Extigy Revision : 1.00.004  {DriverVer=04/17/2002}
-Cr\u\1\Win2k\ USB SB Audigy 2 NX (SB0300)  {DriverVer=08/19/2004}
-Cr\u\2\Win2k\ USB SB Audigy 2 ZS Video Editor (SB0471)  {DriverVer=11/10/2005}
-Cr\u\4\Driver\ (xfiskx.inf) Creative USB Gaming Headset HS-950/HS-1000/HS-1200  {DriverVer=01/20/2009,}
-Cr\u\5\Driver\ (xfiCtax.inf) SB Arena Headset  {DriverVer=07/07/2009,}
-Cr\u\6\Driver\WinXP\Bin\ (ksaud.inf) USB X-Fi XA Karaoke(SB0910), Notebook(SB0950), Surround 5.1(SB1090), Go!(SB1100)  {DriverVer=12/15/2009,}
-Cr\u\7\Driver\ (SB1170.inf) Sound Blaster Wireless Transmitter  {DriverVer=03/04/2010,}
-Cr\u\8\Driver\WinXP\Bin\ (SB1095.inf) USB Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro (SB1095)  {DriverVer=02/15/2011,}
-Cr\u\9\Driver\ (ctOAx.inf) SB Play!(SB1140)/SB Easy Record/SB Connect Hi-Fi(SB1260)  {DriverVer=08/29/2012,}
-Cr\u\a\Driver\WinXP\Bin\ (SB1240.inf) USB SB HD - X-Fi HD & Digital Premium Music HD (SB1240)  {DriverVer=03/26/2013,}
-Cr\u\b\Driver\WinXP\Bin\ (SB1290.inf) USB Sound Blaster HD - X-Fi Go! Pro (SB1290)  {DriverVer=03/26/2013,}
-Cr\u\c\Driver\ (xfiXenx.inf) SB Tactic(3D) Alpha/Omega/Sigma  {DriverVer=04/26/2013,}
-Cr\u\d\Driver\ (UHSx.inf) SB Tactic3D Rage USB/Rage Wireless/Wrath Wireless/Fury  {DriverVer=10/10/2013,}
-ES\ (DrDACprime*.inf) ESI DrDACprime  {DriverVer=06/11/2012,1.6}
     (E22*.inf) ESI ESU22  {DriverVer=08/10/2012,2.6}
     (E1808*.inf) ESI ESU1808  {DriverVer=02/12/2013,2.9.53}
     (esiatm4uxl.inf) ESI Audiotechnik M4U XT  {DriverVer=01/17/2013,1.3.1}
     (EsiKey25.inf) KeyControl25 by ESI  {DriverVer = 02/09/2004,}
     (EsiKey49.inf) KeyControl49 by ESI  {DriverVer = 02/09/2004,}
     (esim4uxl.inf) ESI M4U XL  {DriverVer=01/17/2013,1.3.1}
     (esim8uxl.inf) ESI M8U XL  {DriverVer=01/17/2013,1.3.1}
     (esiptmid.inf) Ploytec GmbH - ESI MIDI Mate  {DriverVer=12/15/2009,1.0.10}
     (esiu2a.inf) ESI Waveterminal U2A  {DriverVer=01/10/2013,2.9.53}
     (esiu24.inf) ESI Waveterminal U24  {DriverVer=01/10/2013,2.9.53}
     (GIGAdrv.inf) ESI GIGAPORT HD Controller  {DriverVer=09/05/2013,3.0}
     (GigapAG.inf) ESI - GIGAPortAG  {DriverVer=01/10/2013,2.9.53}
     (Gigaport.inf) ESI - GIGAPort  {DriverVer=01/10/2013,2.9.53}
     (GIGAWDM.inf) ESI GIGAPORT HD Audio  {DriverVer=09/05/2013,3.0}
     (m4u.inf) M4U by ESI  {n/a}
     (m8u.inf) M8U by ESI  {n/a}
     (MAYA22USB*.inf) ESI MAYA22USB  {DriverVer=10/28/2013,}
     (Maya44.inf) ESI Audiotechnik GmbH Maya 44  {DriverVer=01/10/2013,2.9.53}
     (MAYA44USB*.inf) ESI MAYA44USB  {DriverVer=06/26/2013,3.5}
     (Mts64.inf) Miditerminal 4140 by EGO SYS  {n/a}
     (romio.inf) RoMI/O by Esi  {DriverVer = 01/18/2013, 2.1}
     (U24*.inf) ESI U24XL  {DriverVer=10/01/2013,2.5}
     (U46*.inf) ESI U46  {DriverVer=01/07/2014,3.6}
     (UDJ6*.inf) ESI UDJ6  {DriverVer=10/02/2013,1.25}
     (UGM*.inf) ESI UGM96  {DriverVer=09/18/2012,3.0}
     (UPP*.inf) ESI Phonorama  {DriverVer=10/08/2012,2.4}
-ES\F\ (ESIQuataFire_*.inf) ESI-QuataFire XL  {DriverVer=09/28/2004,}
-ES\F\1\ (Dua*.inf) ESI DuaFire  {DriverVer=01/10/2013,1.3.0}
-H\2\ (Cm106.INF) C-Media Inc. USB Multi-Channel Audio Device  {DriverVer=09/25/2009,}
      (Cm106_1.INF) C-Media Inc. Colormask V1_1  {DriverVer=09/25/2009,}
      (Cm106_2.INF) C-Media Inc. ADD ON USB Cinema system  {DriverVer=09/25/2009,}
      (Cm106_3.INF) C-Media Inc. Audio Advantage SRM  {DriverVer=09/25/2009,}
      (Cm106_4.INF) C-Media Inc. USB Entertainment System  {DriverVer=09/25/2009,}
      (Cm106_5.INF) Hercules Muse Pocket LT3  {DriverVer=09/25/2009,}
-H\3\ (HDJAsioK.inf) Hercules DJ Console ASIO  {DriverVer=05/10/2013,}
      (HDJBulk.inf) Hercules DJ Console Bulk  {DriverVer=05/13/2013,}
      (HDJCtrl.inf) Hercules DJ Control MP3  {DriverVer=10/30/2012,}
      (HDJMidi.inf) Hercules DJ Console MIDI  {DriverVer=05/10/2013,}
      (HDJusbaudio*.inf) Hercules DJConsole Rmx2/AIR+  {DriverVer=05/14/2013,}
-H\F\ (1612FW.inf) Hercules 16/12 FW Audio  {DriverVer=01/12/2010,}
-M\2\ (MAudioTransit.inf) M-Audio Transit USB  {DriverVer=05/27/2011,}
      (MAudioTransit_DFU.inf) M-Audio Transit USB DFU  {DriverVer=03/31/2011,}
-M\3\ (MA763007.inf) M-Audio Sonica Theater  {DriverVer=09/15/2003,}
-M\4\ (MA763005.inf) M-Audio Sonica  {DriverVer=01/21/2003,}
      (MADFU805.inf) M-Audio Sonica DFU  {DriverVer= 01/21/2003,}
-M\5\ (m763001b.inf) M-Audio Quattro Base  {DriverVer=08/19/2003,}
      (m763001d.inf) M-Audio Quattro Legacy  {DriverVer=08/19/2003,}
      (ma763001.inf) M-Audio Quattro  {DriverVer=08/19/2003,}
      (USBAS4X4.INF) M-Audio USB Quattro Midi  {n/a}
-M\6\ (m76300db.inf) M-Audio OmniStudio USB Base  {DriverVer=09/265/2003,}
      (m76300dd.inf) M-Audio OmniStudio USB Legacy  {DriverVer=09/26/2003,}
      (ma76300d.inf) M-Audio OmniStudio USB  {DriverVer=09/26/2003,}
      (USBOMNI.INF) M-Audio USB Omni Midi  {n/a}
-M\7\ (MA763004.inf) M-Audio MobilePre USB  {DriverVer=03/04/2004,}
      (MADFU804.inf) M-Audio MobilePre DFU  {DriverVer= 02/12/2004,}
-M\8\ (Mauasasi.inf) M-Audio USB Quattro/Duo/AudioPhile  {DriverVer = 09/09/2002,}
-M\9\ (MAudioAudiophile.inf) M-Audio Audiophile USB  {DriverVer=09/14/2011,}
      (MAudioAudiophile_DFU.inf) M-Audio Audiophile DFU  {DriverVer=09/14/2011,}
      (USBAP4X4.INF) M-Audio Audiophile USB Midi  {n/a}
-M\a\ (USBMM1X1.INF) M-Audio USB Midi 1x1  {n/a}
      (USBMM2X2.INF) M-Audio USB MidiSport 2x2  {n/a}
      (USBMM2X4.INF) M-Audio USB MidiSport 2x4  {n/a}
      (USBMM4X4.INF) M-Audio USB MidiSport 4x4  {n/a}
      (USBMM8x8.INF) M-Audio USB MidiSport 8x8  {n/a}
-M\a\1\ (MAudioMIDISPORT.inf) M-Audio MIDISPORT  {DriverVer=10/06/2010,}
        (MAudioMIDISPORT_DFU.inf) M-Audio MIDISPORT DFU  {DriverVer=10/06/2010,}
-M\b\ (MAudioFW_x86.inf) M-Audio FW  {DriverVer =03/03/2008,}
      (MAudioFWNull_x86.inf) M-Audio AVC Null Driver  {DriverVer=03/03/2008,}
      (MAudioProFire_x86.inf) M-Audio ProFire Audio  {DriverVer=09/23/2009,}
-M\c\ (mtrackquada.inf) M-Audio M-Track Quad Audio  {DriverVer=05/15/2013,2.9.55}
      (mtrackquadm.inf) M-Audio M-Track Quad MIDI  {DriverVer=05/15/2013,2.9.55}
      (mtrackquadu.inf) M-Audio M-Track Quad USB  {DriverVer=05/15/2013,2.9.55}
-M\d\ (MAudioAxiomPro.inf) M-Audio Axiom Pro  {DriverVer=05/01/2009,}
      (MAudioBlackBox.inf) M-Audio Black Box  {DriverVer=05/08/2009,}
      (MAudioJamLab.inf) M-Audio JamLab  {DriverVer=05/08/2009,}
      (MAudioKeyStudio49i.inf) M-Audio KeyStudio49i  {DriverVer=05/01/2009,}
      (MAudioKeyStudio49i_DFU.inf) M-Audio KeyStudio49i DFU  {DriverVer=05/01/2009,}
      (MAudioMicro.inf) M-Audio Micro  {DriverVer=05/08/2009,}
      (MAudioOzone.inf) M-Audio Ozone  {DriverVer=05/01/2009,}
      (MAudioOzone_DFU.inf) M-Audio Ozone DFU  {DriverVer=05/01/2009,}
      (MAudioProducer.inf) M-Audio Producer  {DriverVer=05/08/2009,}
      (MAudioVenom.inf) M-Audio Venom  {DriverVer=10/18/2011,}
      (MAudioVenom_DFU.inf) M-Audio Venom DFU  {DriverVer=10/18/2011,}
-M\e\ (MAudioProKeysSono.inf) M-Audio ProKeysSono  {DriverVer=05/01/2009,}
      (MAudioProKeysSono_DFU.inf) M-Audio ProKeysSono DFU  {DriverVer=05/01/2009,}
      (MAudioXponent.inf) M-Audio Xponent  {DriverVer=05/01/2009,}
      (MAudioXponent_DFU.inf) M-Audio Xponent DFU  {DriverVer=05/01/2009,}
-M\f\ (MAudioAxiom.inf) M-Audio Axiom  {DriverVer=03/11/2010,}
      (MAudioAxiomAIRMini32.inf) M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini32  {DriverVer=12/13/2012,}
      (MAudioOxygen.inf) M-Audio Oxygen  {DriverVer=03/04/2010,}

 - Various invalid Security Catalogs/corresponding .Inf & removed reference to .cat from .Infs
Imported from DP_Sound_B_wnt5_x86-32_1402031:
 -C\4\ C-Media CM6501 Like WDM Sound
          - updated Security Catalog to support NT5
 -C\5\ C-Media USB WDM Sound & C-Media AC97 USB Composite Device (WDM)
 -Cv\ to Cr\u\3\win2k\kscombo.inf USB SB(SB0270), SB Digital Music LX(SB0271), SB Live! 24-bit External(SB0490)
 -H1\ to H\1\ Guillemot Corp. Hercules Muse Pocket USB Audio
 -M0\ to M\0\ M-Audio Fast Track
 -M2\ through Mb\ to M\2\ through M\b\ M-Audio USB

-H\1\ (HMuse.inf) Guillemot Corp. Hercules Muse Pocket USB Audio to {DriverVer=06/06/2005}

Unfortunately, this pack has some major path-length issues.  That is why my recommendation is for post-Windows Setup utilizing SAD3:   smile

DP_Sound_USB-FireWire_wnt5_x86-32_1406021.7z - 132.46 MB   ABBD4F1381EF233FEAA35B5CFFB88AE60CFCDA08