Wsnow download links are not working ????? help


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OverFlow wrote:

I take that to mean you verified and redownloaded the pack as I suggested.

Which means NO you did not fix your own problem... wink

You have provided multple examples of your lack of ability, experience and intellegence.
Yet you can not admit:
You did not follow the given directions.
You did not read the documentation or rules / guidlines.
You did not follow the link to read before you post... even though it was provided multiple times.
You did not respond to any of the multiple requests for simple info.
You did not admit you did not verify the download.
You did not admit redownloading a corrupt pack was the fix.

We can even more clearly see you lack the self esteem and balls required to make such an admission.
We can also see that you are unable to solve even the simplest of issues on your own. (corrupt download)

Sorry about your users. Because they must suffer through with someone as lame as you as thier support. God help them.

(now that is insulting - to your users i mean)

PS I think it is crystal clear which one of us can not read simple words...

Even you can't hide your disability behind this long long passages ............ because you can only write passeges not be able to solve any problem

now you are insulting yourself by hiding your lake of ablility behind your useless speech.

My friend try to solve the queries of users because it wont make any difference to write such passeges.

and by the grace of God i've solved my problem without u because i told you this is not the end of word.

Good LucK


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rdsok wrote:


I would also recommend that you appologize to Overflow for the ignorance you have so obviously now shown upto this point and for you suggesting that him having to point what you have done incorrectly up to this point is somehow insulting to you...

Thanks for suggestion anyways..........

I've solved my problem by myself because your forum and your administration is fu*cking useless who can't understand simple words and depends on codes, logs etc

Bye Bye


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OverFlow wrote:

if you won't listen to me they won't even try wink

lolz this is not the end of world my friend.


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so why you are reply even & wasting your precious time. Other users can see it & they will reply me as well.

Please dont reply and save your precious time.


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You could tell me thsi thing earlier before you were posting your first reply.

ok then i'll provide you all info.

thanks anyways.


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what kind of info you need. tell me.


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over flow, very very nice to see that how you are insulting new member in forums. i think you should help new members and try to ask them some questions which will help to find out the problem but i can't see anything like this.

but again i would like to tell you that i am banker & looking after all concern IT issues of my department. i clearly wrote what happened to me and i can't expect you to not understanding my problem although you are system administrator not a child ???????

Leave it, now i m going to tell you step by step, hope you can understand this time.

1. I make XP Image with with all your given drivers through nlite but i did not include Sound-B pack because of some download problems with my DSL.
2. I also intigrate "windows service pack 3", RVMUpdatePackSP3_1.0.3 (Windows Updates Pack) and OnePiece_IE8_WinXPSP3_v1.4.0_AddOn_ENU (Internet Explorer 8)
3. Finally i made the cd and install it on to different PC's in my organization.
4. It works fine but there are some pc's which are not picking the sound driver, i thought that because i did not include the Sound-B that's why i m facing this problem.
5. Then i download Sound-B pack and again made the cd with same packages mentioned above.
6. This time when installation started and after formatting of drive, all files was successfully copied and when the windows environment screen appeared suddenly the blue screen appeared which is normaly appears on hardware errors. i dont remember exactly but it was some kind of setupdl error on the end of the screen. I tried to install it on different pc's but got same error. Finally i installed windows from my previous DVD. it was installed successfully.

And for your kind of information i read all topics but nothing found regarding this problem.

Now i dont think so that you dont understand my problem. If not then i'll stop asking question to avoid insulting myself anymore.


Dear All,

I would like to let you know that I intigrate my windows xp with all drivers given in this website without Sound-B pack. I include following items:-

1. Windows XP Service Pack 3
2. RVMUpdatePackSP3_1.0.3
3. OnePiece_IE8_WinXPSP3_v1.4.0_AddOn_ENU

All worked fine but in some pc's sound driver was not installed, then i include Sound-B pack but after this when i started installing the windows i noticed that it gave me the blue screen error after copying the windows file. I wonderd i thought that i might made the mistake in making of cd and i made it again but again i got same error.

Please try to resolve and try to locate the file in sound B which is creating problem.



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I am sorry if i break any rule, but i m using windows and i make it through with nlite. first i include all drivers with sound B file. then i again made the cd including sound B file the it gave me the blue screen after copying windows file. that's why i asked it.


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I recently using the nlite, i did following steps:-

1. i intigrate sp3 result successful
2. i add IE8 addon & updates pack ...... successful
3. i add all drivers from drivers ...... successful

first i made the cd by using the drivers from and use all drivers axcept sound-B pack, the dvd is working fine but when i added sound-B pack it gave me error of blue screen after copying the all files.

can any one help me in this regard. thanks in advance.