Siginet on making a Bâshrat the Sneaky DriverPack Maker:

Siginet wrote:

If you guys get all the info needed on how to get the driver info off of a system and get the info to me I may put something together. wink  I think this would be a great addition to my collection of tools. big_smile

You guys are the DriverPack "Experts"... Any advice for Siginet? (Creator of the RyanVM Integrator)

The only advice I got to offer is Bad Advice lol

Help me out guys> … highlight=

Works for me too vampus8, they are the same just yours has version, DriverPacks Base has no trouble recognizing mine.

Thank you for the links Vampus8 I will try both right now and see if they are any difrent, I will also update the tuto with your links.

@ Helmi: Have you tried your driverpack pack yet?, Howd it go? and How big was it?

You make your DriverPacks manually right?

Helmi wrote:

because if you go that way, one had to blacklist Windows as well, as it enables these malware to execute ;P

LMAO lol lol lol

I tried closing Avg Control Center and it still wouldnt let me use DriverPacks Base, then I tried shuting down all the background services with the task manager and still no go, I had to completely unninstall it from my computer for it to work. (I was gonna reinstall windows anyway)

But yea Rogue it sucks sad

Just letting you guys know that my antivirus says that DriverPacks Base.exe is a virus... smile

I deleted ithe file and then redownloaded a new one thinking mine was infected and AVG said that the new one is also a virus.

Any other AVG Free users can confirm my report?

This is no biggie just letting you guys know.
Bâshrat the Sneaky DriverPacks Rocks cool

I have another idea

How about The Bâshrat the Sneaky DriverPack Maker?... (just like the nLite Addon Maker but for DriverPacks Base)

It can work the same way as this program Driver Genius Pro, It can back up the drivers on a paticular machine and then automatically 7zip it and create a Bâshrat the Sneaky DriverPack.

Wouldnt that be awesome?

Instead of a separate program maybe have it built into DriverPacks Base, yes have DriverPacks Base make its own driverpacks for just that machine

EDIT: @ Helmi I use WinRar cuz of the cool themes smile I use 7zip for Compressing but WinRar for Extracting.

Updated pics for space, and file extentions

I use the RVM Integrators Destination Directory to save space, and I remove MSN Explorer, Tour Windows and Internet Games with Vier's cool new Supress Addons (they make their own backup if you wnat to put them back) I also remove WIN9XMIG folder

@ HelmiI just turned the .EXE and .INF and other file extentions ON becuz I just reinstalled my computer to test the DriverPack I made to see if my theory was correct. BTW it was. smile

This was made with the help of Bâshrat the Sneaky's Tutorial

If you love Bâshrat the Sneaky DriverPacks and you want to know and easy way to make one yourself, well your in luck cuz I found an easy simple way you can make your own DriverPack thats "10 MBs or Less" depending on how many devices you have, the one for my machine is "6 MBs"
First you need a Driver Update/Backup program, I use "Driver Genius Professional" to Update and Backup my Drivers
Free Driver Backup Utils:
DriverGrabber Beta by Siginet, Driver Backup Beta by IcemanND
Simply update its Driver knowledge Database using the "Live Update" feature, now check to see if you have the latest drivers with the "Update Button", if not download, install them and reboot.
Now check the drivers you want to backup and hit the "Start Backup" BUTTON.
You will be left with files like these, with only the neccesary files needed for DriverPacks Base, Driver Genius leaves the other crap behind, now Rename them to something Short, 2 characters or less. (I delete the Files marked in RED)
Create a folder on the Desktop and name it D, inside that folder create a 3 folder and inside the 3 create another folder and name it whatever you want (I named mine R for Rick you can use your first initial if you prefer) put the renamed driver folders into R or whatever you named your folder, now use 7zip to compress it.
DriverPack Name Example: "DP_Name_wnt5_x86-32_X.7z" Change the part that says "Name" to anything you like, and change "X" to represent Version Number (example 1.0).

Compression: Archive Format=7z, Copresion Level=Ultra, Compression Method=LZMA, Dictionary Size=32 or 64, Word Size=256.
You will end up with something like this, your own DriverPack smile

Now put it into DriverPacks Base 3rd Party DriverPacks folder and slipstream it into XP, now make ISO burn and Enjoy
Good Luck! Making Your Own big_smile

Yea buddy nobody explained but you gotta copy the XP CDrom to your hard drive, just right click the CDrom and select Open
Then CTRL+A to highlight all the files then CTRL+C to copy
Now exit and go to C:\ Drive and Create a new folder, name it XPCD and CTRL+V to paste the CD contents into XPCD Folder
Now you can slipstream SP2, Hotfixes, Driverpacks and other cool programs go here for more info

I made my own 3rd Party Driver Pack, with only the neccesary drivers for my mobo and stuff.
Im using my driverpack that I made using Driver Genius Professional Backup (it backs up only the neccesary files in the .inf file and leaves the EXEs and other junk behind)

I baked up all my drivers and created a "D" folder and in there I put all my drivers, vga, sound card, modem, etc, etc and made a .7z driverpack.

Im using The RyanVM Integrator then nLite to make unnatended then DriverPacks Base last to integrate the driverpack I made thanks to ur very good instructions.

Im using the default DriverPacks Base settings= method 2 > GUIRunonce > DISSABLE KTD > Enable the QuickStream Cache.

UPDATE: I think i got it likked RogueSpear over @ Helped me out

Thanks RogueSpear smile

I have an Unsigned 56k Modem Driver, when I install it a warning pops up asking me to Cancell cor Continue Anyway.


1-How do I disable it? roll

2-Im using the RVM Integrator, is there a Remove Windows Compnents Addon for this?

3-Will Dissable WFP Addon do the trick?

4-Does nLite have this setting?

5-If I dont dissable it will the warning pop up during wind. setup?

Thank You

Thank you, everybody, for your help.

First of all I love DriverPacks, its a great tool.

I use Driver Genius Professional to update my Device Drivers.

I noticed that some drivers are the latest ones and others need updating, heres my question:

Were do I submit the updated drivers for Bâshrat the Sneaky to include in the next update?

These are the only two from my hardware that need updating

Via Hyperion Pro Driver …

C-media 3D Audio Driver …


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thank u very much


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I get an error message that the 7z file is not there on the server,

i suspet u guys are uploading/updating the files so just checking to see if im right