I installed it using the proper driver and all is well.  Ill try your suggestion and see what happens.  It does show that card as supported...  If not Ill let them know.

I did a method 1 slipstream with All driver packs
took the D folder from $1 and put it on a DVD
I popped in a web cam pointed at the CD and it worked!
Device Manager -> update driver for sound card
point to DVD
finds and installs fine.

However when I try with the video driver I get nothing but black screen. 
Black when I boot into anything but safe mode.  Windows is booting (I can hear the music).  Just no video.

This is on a x1030 Compaq Laptop
ATI Mobile Radeon 9200

In safe mode in in the device manager it shows the video adapter as a radeon 9000.  (which seems familiar from a standard install)

When I slipstreamed I chose the with .net option...
I do have .net installed.  It installs during my UA install.

Whats the best way to approach this?

I have the correct drivers so Ill use them to get it working.  But I was so thrilled at having all those drivers on one cd.  no muss, no fuss!!


Hi all-  Just a small bump for that integrated network installation support. 
I'd be glad to test.  Thanks for all the great work!!