Thanks for the Welcome Overflow!
I will definitely do that. It looks at first glance, like I might be able to do this after all. (yay, thank you!) I just had a   

quick question, is it possible to put a windows install on a usb drive? I have a very old dell and in the bios I don't

have the option to boot up from other than HD, CD, and floppy. I don't have a burner at the moment and from all

signs it will be a frosty day in the netherworld before I do, so I am hoping that I can....Sorry for the noob question.

Take Care Everyone!

I wasn't going to join because I evidently need someone to hold my hand and go step by step with this stuff because I am so lost. So that is out. sad But when I read Gollum's reply to the twit, it had me completely laughing into my coffee and I had to join just to let him know that it was amazing! You have helped a bipolar person laugh her ass off and I thank you very much for that...
Take Care Everyone,